Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I wonder what happened to her. The silky, blond enigma seen in photos. The girl who threw her red-laced shoes over the side of a boat. Skateboarded along a busy street in the rain, holding an umbrella. The one who climbed the largest mountain in Europe. Her smiles were open, broad, and unkempt. She was free, wild, and happy. Her eyes were not consumed with regret but sparkled blue with youth and hope. Like someone, I would have wanted to know, learn from, drink coffee beside. I wonder how someone can forget themselves, erase their past, move into a future leaving only a scar, a marked mound of mistakes. She is none of that warmness anymore. Not joyful, open, or windswept. She is all sour looks and straight lines, fitting neatly between her rows of flowers, the ones I fear, may have killed her.

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