Loved this. I grew up with good, heartfelt men in my family who are also VERY masculine (Spanish!), so I’ve always known the truth. And I think that’s probably why all the guys I’ve dated were great guys. Even my “bad boy” wasn’t afraid to shed tears. We get what we expect!

I also grew up around guys and saw how easily they fell in love (WAY easier than girls), how much it meant to them to have a solid someone in their corner, and how heartbroken they were when things didn’t work out with a relationship.

But I think it becomes really easy to demonize the other camp when things don’t go our way instead of looking at ourselves and asking the hard questions like, why did I attract this person? Why do I keeeep attracting this person?

We have to do our work otherwise we become the victim.

All seriousness aside, I always said men only need three things — food, football, and sex, haha… Not exactly as elegant as your description, but I don’t think it’s too far off 🤪

But that’s what I love about men — the simplicity. I know it’s tough for lots of women to understand men, and I don’t pretend to know it all, buuut I’m really glad that I’m after your team.

Cause women — well, we are QUITE complex, haha… And I say that in the best of ways because I think the two energies (gender aside) work so beautifully together.

Thank you for this sweet reminder ♥️

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