Love this 🙌🏽 As a spiritual guide and Akashic Record reader, I have a LOT of clients (mainly women) come to me with relationship concerns and questions about their “twin flame” (which has become so trendy, it makes me want to face palm every time I hear it) or soulmate.

First, soulmates do exist and are real. But any relationship we have in life can be a soulmate — friend, family member, lover. A soulmate comes to us in life to teach us something, to help us grow, to help us better ourselves. Therefore, we have many soulmates — not just one.

Second, twin flames are essentially an old soul who chose to split into two to evolve and have reunited to move forward and evolve together. That’s a quick definition (from my experience) but you get my point.

Both of these things definitely exist BUT they’ve been taken way out of context and 9/10 times as the author says, they breed unhealthy relationships. The stories I hear from women blow my mind in regards to what they put up with all for a twin flame or soulmate and it breaks my heart.

Yes, yes, YES we always encounter negative relationships for a reason — everything happens for our benefit. But what I’ve mainly seen in the Records about these relationships is that they happened to help us choose better for ourselves — not stay in toxic situations.

God, the Universe, whatever you believe would never want anyone to do that but we have to make the choice for something greater — the Universe loves us too much to make that decision for us. And make no mistake about it — if you’re in a toxic or abusive relationship — it is your choice.

Personally, I think labels box us in and while a part of me cared to know what “label” my partner and I fell under, what really mattered what the quality of our relationship and how we treat each other.

Thank you for putting this out in the world. Most won’t want to hear it, but it needed to be said.

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