Le Necesito (A Poem)

Ahna Hendrix
1 min readFeb 28, 2021


Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

And we were riding, sitting, side by

side, heavy hearts nestled in our laps, cuddled close.

My head leaning into the open window

warm salty air bristling through my hair

rolling of houses, palm trees, brown greenness,

all steadily streaming by.

In this moment I became bold, blushing

I looked at you, your midnight eyes, occupied and

content stood facing me, your entirety

breathing its quiet serenity. Inhaling,

my hand traveled the width of my

leg, onto yours and

I asked you,

How is it possible, to feel so

vulnerable, so yellow and without strength, to

smell the dependence on your shoulder,

to face the subtle profoundness of my place,

placed in your palm, open wide, and

to know that all is rightly burdened,

What is this?

The smile spread like waves and he

pulled me into to him, his arms hiding my fear,

his warmth beckoning me to his home,

completing a loss or concern or hope.

And so simply he said,

It is because you need me.



Ahna Hendrix

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