Kick Off 2022 With a Bang

Using this roundup of goodies

My Resources for You

1) Listen to Sara Elise (Evolutionary Astrologer) and me for an Akashic Record/Astrology 2022 forecast episode! This Wednesday, Sara and I released our annual forecast for the upcoming year and it’s jam-packed with useful information. Find out what major transits are coming and how to maneuver them, the major astrological themes of 2022, and more! Listen HERE.

  1. How would I summarize 2021 (and why)?
  2. What important lessons did I learn in 2021? And what did they teach me?
  3. Which people played the biggest roles in my life in 2021? And did they play a positive or negative role?
  4. What was the hardest part about 2021 (and why)?
  5. What was the best part about 2021 (and why)?
  6. Where did I fall short in 2021? And how can I make up for it in 2022?
  7. What people/places/things brought me the greatest joy in 2021? And how can I get more of that in 2022?
  8. What emotions would I like to feel in 2022? And what actions can I take to experience those feelings?
  9. What promises can I make to myself to take better care of myself in 2022?
  10. What would make 2022 a total success for me? What do I need to do to experience that success?

Other Resources

1) Learn about the Universal 6 Year from Numerologist Felicia Bender! Watch HERE. 2021 was a universal 5 year and it hasn’t been easy. I love Felicia’s work and look forward to her monthly forecast emails. If you’re curious about how 2022 will affect you personally, head to her website to calculate your Personal Year number HERE. She’ll be releasing Personal Year forecasts soon!



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