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Ahna Hendrix
4 min readDec 24, 2021


If you’re like me then you’re barely ready for Christmas.

I’m not sure why, but there’s something different about Christmas this year. The tree was just decorated two weeks ago. Christmas music has only been played 1–2 nights. I’ve barely purchased any gifts. Not sure what it is!

I’ve never been so behind on Christmas celebrations.

However, I’ve been putting a LOT of thought into 2022. It’s going to be an intense — but good — year and I want to plan accordingly. The great news is that the energy for 2022 is very different than the previous two. In last year’s forecast, the Akashic Records shared that 2020 was the shake-up and 2021 was just the beginning.

In 2021, we shifted into a new era, a new paradigm.

Are you ready for 2022?

Whether that’s a yes or no, I wanted to share some great resources to support you in preparing for the year ahead!

My Resources for You

1) Listen to Sara Elise (Evolutionary Astrologer) and me for an Akashic Record/Astrology 2022 forecast episode! This Wednesday, Sara and I released our annual forecast for the upcoming year and it’s jam-packed with useful information. Find out what major transits are coming and how to maneuver them, the major astrological themes of 2022, and more! Listen HERE.

2) THIS Wednesday (12/29), join me on the Soul Driven Podcast for the 2022 Akashic Record Forecast. I can’t wait to share it with you (will post the transcript on Medium)! This Akashic channeling includes over an hour of back and forth between the Records and me whereby they answer 6 main questions about the upcoming year and how to best prepare. Tune in for answers on what to look forward to, what to be concerned about, and more. It’s a beautiful discussion that left me in happy tears and is sure to bring you encouragement and focus for 2022.

3) Book an Akashic Record Soul Reading with me to gain insights on your personal year ahead! Clarify relationships, work scenarios, life purpose, and much more. Use code THANKFUL until December 31st at midnight to receive 15% OFF 60 or 90-minute readings. Akashic readings also make great gifts!

4) Join me for 365 Days of Yoga and make 2022 the Year of Embodiment! You can read more about this challenge HERE, but suffice it to say, I’m combining the advice of the Records for 2022 and my personal goal of embodiment to commit to practicing yoga everyday in 2022. If you’re interested in joining, contact me! Plus, there’s a private Telegram group for support. I can’t wait!

5) Review your year and set intentions ahead of time! I’m a sucker for review and plan sessions when it comes to New Year’s activities. Call me a total nerd but I love to think through what happened, went right, went wrong, etc., and get excited about what’s to come. The best part is — this isn’t a goal-setting session. It’s simply an open-hearted review. You can check out my questions below or use these questions from Angelic Channel, Jodie Helm.

  1. How would I summarize 2021 (and why)?
  2. What important lessons did I learn in 2021? And what did they teach me?
  3. Which people played the biggest roles in my life in 2021? And did they play a positive or negative role?
  4. What was the hardest part about 2021 (and why)?
  5. What was the best part about 2021 (and why)?
  6. Where did I fall short in 2021? And how can I make up for it in 2022?
  7. What people/places/things brought me the greatest joy in 2021? And how can I get more of that in 2022?
  8. What emotions would I like to feel in 2022? And what actions can I take to experience those feelings?
  9. What promises can I make to myself to take better care of myself in 2022?
  10. What would make 2022 a total success for me? What do I need to do to experience that success?

Other Resources

1) Learn about the Universal 6 Year from Numerologist Felicia Bender! Watch HERE. 2021 was a universal 5 year and it hasn’t been easy. I love Felicia’s work and look forward to her monthly forecast emails. If you’re curious about how 2022 will affect you personally, head to her website to calculate your Personal Year number HERE. She’ll be releasing Personal Year forecasts soon!

2) Watch (or listen via podcast) the 2022 Astrology Forecast with Chris Brennan and friends on The Astrology Podcast! Find it HERE. It’s four hours of solid info on yearly highlights, quarterly breakdowns, and more!

3) Uncover your 2022 Chinese Astrology (Year of the Water Tiger) horoscope with Donna Stellhorn and find out how you can best take advantage of it. Something I always check out (Metal Rooster here, woohoo)!

4) Watch Lee Harris’ Annual Live Energy Update for 2022. Harris is a channel for the Z’s and his Guides stated 2022 was the Year of Strength. He covers seven themes for 2022 and two journal prompts.

I hope these resources offer you plenty of options and ideas to prepare for 2022! We’ve got a good, but difficult year ahead.

The best way to prepare is to build a strong spiritual practice and fortify yourself. In that, you’ll experience the best of 2022.

To learn more about my Akashic Record Soul Readings or book a session with me, click HERE.



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