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JUNE Akashic Record Lesson: New Beginnings

This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of June as channeled for my podcast community, Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen. (Apologies this is so late! Life has been crazy. Returning to Medium soon!)

There is a whistle, a tune, flowing through the air like a melody. You can see it, you can reach for it. For it flirts with you. In front of your face, flowing around and through your hair. It is an idea, an idea that comes from the depths of you. It whistles its own tune. It says “I know what is best for me.” And it goes about its merry way.

It doesn’t look to others for validation or justification. It seeks only to rise to the surface. To be brought to life, to be encased, to be loved, to be built upon. It wishes to evolve, in the greatest sense of evolution. It wishes to become a part of our very selves, a part of our very lives. It wishes to ring forward and all it is that we do.

This melody, it will not stop playing this month. It will not lose its beat. For its tempo will rise, it will grow louder and stronger, it will beat more steadily. It will drum through your chest, it will pulse through your fingers, it will come alive through the strands of your hair. It will embody you and it will seek to be embodied through you. This idea that is actual truth, it will ring forward in all sounds and rhythms, vibrations. And no one around you will not be able to hear it.

Stand firm in what it is that you know, stand firm in what it is that you want. Stand firm against the waves that wish to carry you off. Distract you from what it is that your heart truly wants? Do not allow the rhythmic pulses of society to find their way into your heart and mind. No, set up strong barriers, encase yourself inside. Stay focused on what it is that lights you up, that brings you joy. That makes your heart feel alive and full.

For you are useless to this world if you simply become enmeshed in it. If you are lost in the stream of unconsciousness that pools around your feet when you walk the public streets. Stand aside. Stand firm. Listen to that gentle call inside. Beckon to her. Kneel before her. Knowing that you are kneeling before yourself, your highest self, your soulful self. The self that brought you into this lifetime for a purpose, for a reason. For you are not someone who could ever be without a purpose. There are no mistakes in life.

Every single one of you has something beautiful to offer this world. A solution, a heart, a helping hand, an invention. There is always more, always more. Don’t get swept up in the scarcity mindset that is beginning to plague your planet. For, yes, there is a dwindling of reserves. Yes, the planet is suffering, she is aching and ready to send forward the waves of her pain. But still, there’s plenty for you IF and this is a big IF — you can believe there is.

This month, hold on to what is dearest to you, allow the truth to rise through your body, through your throat. Come through your voice and all that it is that you do. But a word of caution — do so with compassion, do so in the act of love, for otherwise, no one will hear you. For they are all barking and screaming at each other, lost and who’s at fault and who’s to blame? Therefore, for your own personal intention and personal goodwill. Be sure to share your truth from a place of love. We know this isn’t always easy. We know that at times it simply just does not work. But all you have to do is keep trying. Keep trying.



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