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JULY Akashic Record Lesson: Togetherness

This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of July as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen. (Apologies, late again! Life has been crazy. Hope to return to Medium soon!)

There is a pulsing melody, it beats to the same drum that you have just experienced in this passing month. Yet its sound grows. It becomes heavier, weightier. It leans on you in a new way. It beckons forth new things — a sliding revolt, a disarray of color, the vibrant patterns of love and light beat steadily upon your chest.

They drum into your mind. They pulsate within the palms of your hands. They are firm and steady and yet, you know not what lies underneath. What it is that is at the root cause of all these things. For it seems that there is so much, so much that is outside of your grasp, of understanding at this time.

And we know that it feels like you are flailing in the wind as she shakes you from side to side. We know also that you experience great joy at once again being connected to one another. For where there is light, there is togetherness.

It is this togetherness, which we wish to bring into your focal point, lay before you at the foot of your bed, so that you might begin pondering what it is that is rising to the surface at this time. What it is that togetherness signifies? Is it simply those that you count among your very favorite — the loved ones, the cherished ones, those whom you might call on a darkened night?

But what about the others that weave themselves in front of you? They cross your path, even at times they have upset you, they pull at your skin, they scream into your mind. They upset you with their mere existence. What is togetherness for them?

How might you begin welcoming them in, in a new way? For the world that is coming together at this time, there is a new path where all will be folded into one, where brother will sit next to enemy and smile at one another. Knowing that while they disagree, understanding that while they are both different, there is plenty of common ground between the two of them. There is always common ground. Always.

Do not allow yourself to believe that anyone outside of yourself is any different from you. Sure, they may be walking a different path, look in a different way, say things that you might never say, but underneath it all — togetherness is what brings the two of you together.

It is the strength and the melody that holds two as one. It is the truth of what that relationship is all about for no one is here alone. For you are all gently intertwined. Your destiny shapes that of another, your words and actions have impact on others. Those you never see but still it happens.

This month ahead will bring great fury for in many ways the planet is bearing forth what it is that so many of you feel on the inside, the anger, revolt, upset, dissatisfaction is playing out in more ways than you could ever imagine, but that doesn’t mean that you can simply go along with it or that you should.

For wisdom says, come stand with me, rearrange your perspective, open your heart and see what it is that you can find. In these uneasy moments, see how it is that two might become one because one is truly all that there is. Do not allow yourselves to become frightened from what it is that will pass this month — for there is great steadfastness ahead, a more even ground.

But first, you must learn to come together, you must understand your great effect upon those around you, upon the world at large. You must begin to know that all of you are created, were created, will be created as one.



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