It’s Important to Express Anger

Holding it in creates sickness

Ahna Hendrix
3 min readApr 6


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I felt called to pop in and share a client story about the importance of expressing our anger.

Anger is a beautiful emotion.

Yes, read that again. Anger is a beautiful emotion!

While we’ve been raised to believe it’s negative, especially if you’re female, the truth is that anger is a healer. It’s a protector. And it’s a motivator.

I’ve written about it and recorded podcast episodes and videos about anger because I have such a deep appreciation for it.

Working with anger has brought about some of my greatest healing.

And while I have plenty to say about anger, I want to focus on the importance of allowing ourselves to express it.

Nearly two weeks ago, I met with a beautiful soul for an Akashic Soul Reading. She’s a Reiki practitioner, regularly works with energy, and has studied a few modalities extensively, but was dealing with painful and debilitating physical issues and felt stifled in her financial abundance.

She had visited all the doctors and tried all the things, but the issues were only getting worse!

After opening the Records, they shared throughout the session that a build-up of unexpressed emotion was not only the cause of her physical issues but was also blocking the flow of money.

This is something I see often with clients — unexpressed/stuck emotion or energy that eventually results in the body throwing a fit of some kind to get our attention through sickness or disease.

She had shut down her power system through attempts to people please and stay in “high vibration” as she was taught in the spiritual community.

But her Guides showed that her healing would come through her expression of anger. In fact, they literally wanted her to “lose her sh&t”!

They showed me that she had been stifled as a young girl, shut down, and lost her ability to truly express her feelings. Her warrior spirit hadn’t shone through due to her mother’s input, even though she knew it was there.

And the spiritual community taught her that expressing “lower” vibrations would only result in more of them.

However, her liberation would come by allowing this trapped emotion to rise to the surface. To be expressed through physical actions and vocalized in whatever ways felt best.

She has much to release.

I share this story because there are two misnomers here I’d like to debunk.

First, anger is a beautiful emotion. It alerts us to people/places/things that aren’t right. It lets us know when our boundaries are crossed. It engages us to make changes in life. And it can be one of the greatest sources of healing IF we work with it.

Anger only becomes negative when we express it negatively, but that’s not anger’s fault — it’s our own.

But too many of us are walking around with unexpressed anger in our bodies resulting in a number of physical and mental issues.

If we aren’t honest in expressing these emotions, they WILL eventually get our attention.

The second is that the notion of being “low vibe” if you express “lower vibrational” emotions in the spiritual community is BS!

The “difficult” emotions are not only a part of the human experience but can free us from whatever shift we’re moving through. Anger, sadness, depression, etc are part of the human experience and hold lessons for us.

They are not purveyors of darkness!

Obviously, we do not want to reside in those energies. But we MUST allow ourselves to feel them. Work with them. And allow them to move through us.

This not only nurtures the central nervous system but strengthens our relationship with our body and mind. Plus, it helps us to release whatever needs to go!

Honor yourself by letting what needs to be expressed, express itself.

What is your relationship to anger?

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