It’s an interesting topic… Food is, in an of itself, a grounding energy, which can be both useful and not when it comes to spiritual practice.

I used to consider myself an emotional eater until I realized it was moreso that I was led to eat when my head was in the clouds (higher chakras are ruling). For instance, one of the things I do is read the Akashic Records for clients, and food is a great way to ground myself back into my body after a session.

Often when I fast, which I enjoy intermittent fasting, I can reach deeper levels in meditation or have more metaphysical experiences. Personally, I attribute this to my higher chakras being elevated. And I think this correlates with some of the ancient texts on why they fasted.

When the body feels good, when it’s not weighed down (grounded) by digesting food, it can more easily “take off.” And of course, what is more holy, more spiritual than feeling good within our bodies?

Not sure if I’ve made total sense, but fasting and spirituality combine perfectly in my head. Food is grounding. It’s heavy. It weighs us down. But in many ways that’s a beautiful thing.

Yet it can certainly be fun to play in the opposite realms :))

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