It’s always fascinating to see how terms like spirituality are defined by people, which is why it’s one of my Lightning Round questions asked of all the guests on my podcast. Everyone has something different to share.

For me, spirituality is about connecting with one’s self, truly coming home to the vast wisdom within.

And personally, I think spirituality should be an exciting exploration that isn’t taken too seriously. Not that we shouldn’t find and be dedicated to practices. Or continually show up to cultivate it within ourselves.

But it’s so easy to take religion, spirituality, dharma, etc too seriously and then we miss the entire point.

There’s no one path for me. No label I will ever ascribe to. No one place I will always call home. Except within myself.

Everything else is just a part of the puzzle that helps me get there. 🙏🏽

Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast

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