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It was the Fall of 2020 and I was in the middle of a warm shower when I first received guidance to begin sharing monthly Akashic Record Forecasts on my podcast.

My initial reaction was “No way, I can’t do that” followed up quickly by a “Heck yes I can.

The guidance excited me because I was falling deeply in love with the Akashic Records and wanted to share them with E V E R Yone. Plus, we were in the midst of the pandemic and I knew it would be helpful for others.

It was a wild move for me to make! I was still operating under the safety net of being the CEO of a marketing agency, but clearly, a part of me was ready.

Every month since then I have sat down with the Records and channeled through whatever they wished to share about the upcoming energies.

However, for over a year now, I’ve felt this offering was incomplete. It felt like something was missing. It was too easy to forget…

The Records had intended for these monthly channelings to be revisited throughout the month, “at least once a week”, not just in the beginning!

But in my discussions with others and myself, I realized we would absorb the info — as we do with anything — and then go on about our everyday life. Forgetting to revisit the enormous wisdom of the Records. Forgetting we could use it as a compass throughout the month.

And each month, when I’d return to channel another message, I’d kick myself in the rear — why didn’t I revisit this more? It would have been so helpful!

I knew that I wasn’t alone.

So I began dreaming about creating something to assist us throughout the month. Something that would build upon the monthly theme…that could incorporate its energy and support us in living from an empowered place…that would encourage us to utilize the power of the Records.

Then late last year, I began getting a visualization of what that might look like. What might be included. What might be useful. But I was far too busy with other things to begin creating it.

Until… The Confidence Series.

To say this Series has opened many doors would be a vast understatement. Since it was channeled through back in May, numerous times I have been left with my mouth hanging open in total amazement. The Records have shown me time and again how powerful they are, how powerful I am, and what can be accomplished while working with them.

But one of its highlights is the channeled Akashic Activations, which I lead the group through during our weekly meetings and then they revisit between meetings. These activations have blown us all away by what comes through, what shifts and opens. And somewhere along the way, I realized this was part of my missing puzzle.

The last part was the workbooks I was creating for the Confidence Series. I realized that resources, tools, and journaling prompts were needed to help truly connect with the root of the monthly theme — to understand what it would look like, how it could be brought into fruition, etc. There’s something epically powerful about digging into our psyche and seeing what arrives.

And the monthly Akashic Toolkit was born!

The monthly Akashic Toolkit includes:

  1. An audio file of the monthly Akashic Record Forecast. To revisit at least once a week to re-align with the theme and indulge in the healing energy of the Records
  2. A gorgeous workbook full of resources & tools suggested by the Records to assist in several ways, plus journaling prompts and other activities to deeply connect with the monthly theme and bring it into fruition
  3. An Akashic Activation (audio file) channeled through the Akashic Records to anchor into the monthly theme, align energies to the highest timelines, and nurture healing from a soul level

Finally, I wanted to make these Toolkits affordable so anyone could utilize this support throughout the month.

These aren’t easy times. We need reinforcement from several areas, and I wanted to do my part!

I’m beyond excited to launch them today with the JULY Akashic Forecast and will continue doing so moving forward. As these are fully channeled items, I assume they will shift and change a little bit every month, but I can’t wait to see how they resonate with folks and hear about their experiences.

If you feel called, check them out! Or share this with someone who could use this powerful support throughout the month.

Many Blessings!

Discover how the Akashic Records can transform your life HERE. Or learn how to read the Akashic Records here (next workshop July 13th!). Use code SUMMERTIME to receive 10% off Akashic Soul Readings until July 31st.



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