In my experience, men in committed relationships are more attractive because they’re more confident. Yes, it’s partly the sex. But it’s also the fact they aren’t roaming about looking for a partner like single men. They aren’t desperately trying to take you home. And anyone who’s not trying to work you is more attractive.

But not all are created equal. Whenever I meet married (or committed) men, I can always tell if he’s open or closed for “business” — it’s the underlying energy to how he talks and looks at you.

I’m disgusted by married (or committed) men who flirt with me or let me know they’re secretly available. I can’t fathom why women 1) chase these types of men or 2) actually believe they would be the rare one who wouldn’t eventually be cheated on if they got the guy. I could never trust or respect a man who cheated with me and even more, I couldn’t live with myself.

And I have zero respect for women who go after committed men.

There are enough men out there — why would I ever go after someone else’s just to be “happy”? That kind of logic or morality doesn’t make sense to me.

Married (or committed) men might be more attractive but they lose that entire appeal if they aren’t ACTUALLY committed to their partner.

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