If my current relationship doesn’t last, I’m shaving my head and becoming a Buddhist nun…or something like that, haha (joking, not joking)

The last time I was single, I tried online dating for a bit, but quickly refused to participate. Waste of time! It was like a full-time job. Call me crazy, I love serendipity. I love the mystery. And as long as I participate in REAL life, the chance to meet someone is there. My partner and I met at a professionals networking event!

But I’ve always enjoyed being single even tho having companionship is at the top of my life. However, if this is what is required - no thanks! I’ll start a Golden Girls house, an animal sanctuary, travel the globe, and have a hookup down the street who requires minimal maintenance.

This ish is for the birds! Using it for business—cool. Doctor’s visits—great. Dating—crossing the line! haha

PS I would’ve had nightmares after researching this, too.

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