If I could dance and cheer and GIF allll over this article, I would. It’s so right on that it’s bound to irk some egos. You go, girl 🔥

I’ve been in several relationships with some great guys — even my “bad” guy was a nice guy, haha. Mind you, great guys who weren’t “my guy.”…

But only in the past few months, a few months short of turning 40 that I’ve realized the infinite power and necessity of kindness in a partner. It’s EVERYTHING. I thought it was patience that I needed, but no — it was kindness.

We need a partner who’s kind when we fall short. Or when we make dumb decisions. When we lose something or someone important. When the world is crazy and we need a safe haven. Because we are so hard on ourselves. Because kindness is a healing balm. Because it’s easy to be loud and angry but damn is it special when someone can be kind while sharing their feelings. Because kindness is true love. Not just the surface stuff — it’s what dreams are made of. It’s the ultimate. It’s everything.

Clearly, I need to write an ode to kindness, haha…

All this to say, HELL YES, to each and every one of these points. The world will tell us we’re asking for too much, that it’s not possible, doesn’t exist. But I’ve dated a few of these guys, guys like this can easily be found among my family members, and they definitely are out there.

Thanks for highlighting what really matters. ♥️🙏🏽

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