I feel all kinds of things when it comes to Twin Flames. Confusion — mostly. I read Jesus and Mary Magdalene were TF and that feels true. And I’ve been told my partner is my TF but I’m not sure and not sure I would ever see it that way if it was true. It kinda feels incestuous — me dating myself, haha

But I don’t think it matters if we are or not…

Labels are such tricky things. It’s like saying someeee people are empathic when I believe we all are — just in different ways. Or saying someee people are psychic — when again, I believe we all are. Obviously some of us are more aware of our gifts (as we’ve been practicing them in previous lifetimes), but we’ve all got them.

Labeling seems okay until we realize that it adds a hierarchy to everything, and that’s where I step back. I love the idea of TF but am suspicious of the notion that only people who have elevated to some level get to experience it. Or that pain seems to be it’s biggest indicator. That doesn’t feel right to me — my spirit pushes back on it.

And what kind of weight do we put on a relationship by labeling it? Last I heard, expectation killed the cat (or something like that, haha).

I am cautious of TF because I think it has become far too trendy and used too often to make excuses for painful and abusive relationships. I’ve had multiple clients come to me for readings hoping to find out their person was a TF and the common theme is that they’re estranged, in pain, and the other person isn’t as equally into them.

How can that be a TF connection? Sure — most of us want spiritual growth, but at what expense?

I just think that we need to continually lead with discernment when it comes to the things of the world.

But regardless, I’m always happy to hear when someone else has found their person. We all deserve to be loved, appreciated and respected — whether it’s a soul mate, TF, whatever. And my soul rejoices hearing that you’ve found it. 🙏🏽



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Ahna Hendrix

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