I can definitely understand what you’re sharing and where you’re coming from. And in many ways, I agree with you. But the truth is, there are snake oil salespeople in every industry so it’s our responsibility to find people who truly resonate with us. And they’re definitely out there!

That retreat may not have been your community but it doesn’t necessarily diminish the community itself. We all need help.

I’ve always felt a bit outside of the typical yoga community but I found genuine communities so even tho we couldn’t fully understand each other, I love being around their energy.

And it’s important to understand that these folks also need to make money and pay bills. Obviously, some go overboard. But again, it’s our job to make sure they’re aligned. Because if that’s the case, you’ll feel wonderful about spending your money and the exchange will be pure.

Please don’t judge the entire community or give up on it. You’re an important voice and story. Hope you find something that aligns ♥️ PS check out Jessamyn Stanley if you haven’t already. She’s a beautiful woman and her community might along better for you!

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