How to Embody OCTOBER’s Akashic Forecast: Guiding Light

Choose Empowerment Over Fear

Ahna Hendrix
9 min readOct 10, 2022
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If you haven’t read my OCTOBER Akashic Forecast yet, I highly recommend it before diving into this article. Even better, mix it with the audio! There’s something very powerful about taking in the energy of the Akashic Records. And if you’re brand new to them, you can find out more about my connection below.

The month of October is going to be quite the mixed bag — something I’ve already been experiencing. My partner and I recently moved from the city to the mountains and have hit EVERY bump in the road possible. It’s an introspective month, not one for major changes, but no one told me that beforehand.

Guess we can’t always “cheat” our way through life with forecasts, haha.

But I’ve always been a fan of forecasting due to the ability to choose empowerment over fear. When we have an idea of what’s coming, we can choose ahead of time how we’ll react. Or at least, create great intentions for doing so. Kinda like putting together a toolkit!

I’ve started diving deep into the monthly Akashic Forecasts for my podcast and elaborating on how I experience the messages but also deep diving into the takeaways. It’s helpful for those who aren’t familiar with translating channeled messages or simply want more clarity.

However, as I always stress to my listeners and students — if what I share isn’t aligned for you, no worries! Trust your OWN wisdom, always.

I’m a spiritual guide — not a spiritual master — for a reason. I love to guide others into their own awareness. Their own intuition. I am simply the voice, the mechanism, the muse to open these channels in others. And in that, I take great pride and am humbled to do so.

Alright, let’s dive into my takeaways from the OCTOBER Akashic Forecast: Guiding Light!

  1. Time is moving quickly. This may come as a no-brainer to many of you, but know that we won’t be slowing down anytime soon. This speeding up of time allows for faster healing, but it also requires us to slowwww down, which is why many of us have been feeling that call. When life is swirling around us, it’s not easy to see things clearly. Or to feel rested. To live from an optimal place of empowerment, we’ll need to slow down to ensure our choices and decisions fully align with the direction we want to go. This month (and moving forward), that will be crucial.
  2. Life feels surreal. If you’ve been feeling like you’re in The Void or as if life hasn’t seemed real lately, this should make complete sense. October will bring more of that weirdness, but it’s doing so to jolt us awake into what’s happening around us. In our world and the greater world at large. Like waking up from a deep sleep, it’s causing us to rub our eyes and inquire about what we’re experiencing, what we’re seeing, and ask us how we feel about it. The big question here is: what are you being invited to see this month? The good news — there is NO need to take action on it this month, unless you feel called, but simply to become aware. To ask the questions. To take it in. Action may or may not come later — don’t worry about that for now. Simply pay attention this month.
  3. We’re being called into Resiliency. These times aren’t easy. They pull at us in different ways, and it’s not going to let us anytime soon. We have built up so much personally and collectively that must be cleared, must be released, or changed. And it will take time. I remember Joyce Meyers once saying that it’s foolish for us to think we could get in shape over night without asking, “how long did it take you to get out of shape?” And that same logic can be applied to the “state of things”. We must realize that our troubles didn’t occur overnight, therefore they won’t disappear quickly. REAL change on this planet will take time. It will be uncomfortable. It will suck. That is part of it. Few of us can make positive changes in our life without some sort of suck along the way. It’s part of the journey. And this part is asking us to dig deep, to connect with our resiliency, and to begin living life from that place. Each and every one of us can learn how to be resilient. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t despair — at least not in the long run. Some days, we’ll be down, and that’s okay. But know that learning resiliency is part of the game. It’s readying us for what’s to come. And NOW is the time.
  4. Learning to trust — ourselves and the Universe. One of the best aspects of all that’s happening right now is that it’s teaching us how to let go. How to trust — ourselves and the Universe. You know us, we like to be in control. And we’d be perfectly fine taking everything on, but that’s not how we’re meant to live. Remember all those hardworking days — all those overly stressful ways we used to LOVE living? Ya, they’re gone. As is our ability (perception) to control them. As we ready ourselves for what’s ahead i.e. the marathon versus the sprint, we’re being called to learn how to live life in an easeful way. To let go and let God. To believe in ourselves. Our abilities. And let that be that.
  5. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. This one bleeds into the last point a bit, but it’s a huge shift for us. No longer will we be able to coast by. Our favorite numb-ers (alcohol, entertainment, etc) aren’t working like they used to. Overworking isn’t fun anymore. Living on our cell phone feels tiring. These things are becoming more and more empty as we move forward in time, and that’s a good thing. We’ve forgotten what it is to live in discomfort AND feel safe. Feel loved. Feel good. And it’s time. Time to as they say in yoga class — get comfortable being uncomfortable. Embrace the suck. Embrace the difficult times. Know that we CAN experience joy in the midst of them. We CAN live our lives. We CAN dream and build our dreams — even when life isn’t perfect. I am LIVING this right now and y’all — it sucks, haha. But it is making me stronger. And that’s what is meant for all of us. This month, you’ll find yourself in discomfort — how will you perceive it?
  6. Being here IS a choice. The Records were VERY clear and made a big point of reminding us — we CHOSE to be here, in these times. We chose to walk this planet while it was being recalibrated. AND there’s a reason for it. I can’t encompass everyone’s purpose here, that’s what the Akashic Records are for! But I can say that if you’re still here, it’s become you are NEEDED on Planet Earth right now. And you chose to be here. That means, dump the victim mentality. Dump the excuses. Dump the sad faces. And I know, I know — it’s not always easy. But it is doable. Believe me, I’m on that struggle bus with you. Living the 3D life isn’t for the faint of heart, but Beautiful Souls — we CAN! Don’t forget this reminder.
  7. Connect and lean on your inner wisdom. Never, ever, EVER forget that YOU carry the greatest wisdom within yourself, for yourself! This month, you might be pulled in multiple directions and have folks giving you all kinds of advice or telling you what to do or how to feel. And hey, they are probably doing it because they love you! BUT if it doesn’t feel right for you, listen to yourself. This month is a MAJOR internal month of connection or reconnection to that wisdom within. Do all you can to make that happen in your life because it will serve you exponentially in the days to come. You need not be “special” or “gifted” or anything of that nature to utilize your intuition, to connect with all that’s within. And if you need guidance, contact me! Or contact someone you admire to guide you through this process.
  8. NOTHING compares to connecting with God. Know that my God, the one I speak of is LOVE. Therefore, God is not religious and could also be named Universe, Source, Creator, Goddess, or whatever you choose. Nonetheless, one of the reasons it’s so crucial for us to connect with ourselves this month is because it’s about connecting to the God within each and every one of us. We are ALL an aspect of God and ALL have access to God at any time. And this connection, well, it’s WHY we are here. Why we seek to evolve. And it’s the highest of highs! This connection will outdo and beat out ANYTHING on this planet. There’s no drug, no alcohol, no nada that can hold a flame to this connection. And it IS something you’ll need for the road ahead. This is the perfect month to make that a priority. Don’t feel the need to box God in or practice interacting with God in any traditional way — do it how it resonates with you. Make it a game! Know this — there are ENDLESS ways to God. Learn how to connect with God and CHANGE your life.
  9. Remember “life is but a game”. In the midst of so much — don’t allow yourself to get swept up and take it too seriously. Spend time with loved ones, and people who make you laugh. Watch things that make you laugh. Do whatever you can to prevent yourself from believing you. must. take. this. seriously. That’s NOT spirituality. That’s NOT living. And the God I know never requires or wants that of us. Again, I know this can be tough — believe me. But it’s so important for us to manage our stress. To take care of ourselves. To laugh. And we can’t do that if we’re constantly stressed out about the state of the world or feel as if we’re not living up to our potential. The planet will right itself — we need not worry about it. ALL will work out. And there’s no requirement for this life except for the one we put on ourselves. Therefore, HAVE FUN!
  10. Everything happens for our benefit. The Guiding Light this month is LOVE. It’s here to rejuvenate us. It’s here to light us up. It’s here to remind us that everything happens for our benefit. It’s a saying I use often, but isn’t always the easiest to remember. But that doesn’t negate its truth. No matter how hard it gets, no matter what happens — it IS happening for our benefit. And that’s not some crap New Age saying that can spiritually bypass &$^% things that happen in life, that’s not what we’re talking about here. BUT even those things are by design, which I know is tough for folks to digest. However, I’ve seen again and again in my client’s Akashic Records that awful events served a purpose that was in our favor. I’ve never seen the opposite in the hundreds of readings I’ve done. Bottom line, these changes, these transitions, these times ARE for our benefit. They’re teaching us to trust, to connect with ourselves, to let go. Let’s do our best to focus on that, especially in the difficult times. If nothing else, the positive energy will bring gifts.

This month, we are continuing to be woken up by the crescendos of life, the loud reverberations of the world, all while being asked to stay nestled in our place — resting, reconnecting, and preparing for all that is ahead.

My recommendations for October are:

  1. Stay thankful. Live in Gratitude. Remember all that we have, especially in moments when it feels tough to do so.
  2. Call upon older memories to invigorate us, bring peace, and make us laugh. As we move through October, memories will arise. And in the midst of intensity, we can rely on older memories to recenter us when we feel lost or off track.
  3. Pray. Prayyyyyyy. Talk to God. To whomever — it doesn’t matter. ASK for what you need. SHARE what you’re going through. And reconnect with the peace within.
  4. Build a steady base. We’ll need a solid foundation for all that’s ahead — are you ready? Now is the time, use it wisely.

Beautiful Souls, I pray this serves. Pray it helps. Cheers to October — my second favorite month, after November, my birthday month! It will be a wild ride but you CAN and I’m here to support if you need it.

Wishing you a beautiful October!

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