How to Embody November’s Akashic Forecast: Initiation

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If you haven’t read my NOVEMBER Akashic Forecast yet (transcription at the bottom), I highly recommend it before diving into this article. Even better, mix it with the audio! There’s something very powerful about taking in the energy of the Akashic Records. And if you’re brand new to them, you can find out more about my connection below.

November is quite the month. The three major themes that stuck out in the forecast were: decisions, fireworks, and slowing down. It took several readings of the forecast for me to realize that another word hidden down deeper in the message is what actually encapsulates this month: Initation.

There will be fireworks — great change. Pain. Intensity. Sparks that flicker and explode. Fire. Crackles. There will be a push to make decisions — immediately. Big ones. Life-changing ones. And slowing down is the best way to manage it all.

Make no mistake that November is a portal, it is a full-on initiation, and in that, I don’t know who we will be on the other side. With the midterm elections happening in the US on the 8th, we’re in for a tidal wave of change.

Do you feel it?

I plan on doing more Akashic readings leading up to the midterms and afterward as I know it will be needed — regardless of who gets the majority. There is a heavy undercurrent of electricity right now and that could send our nation into a violent convergence— or not. Let’s hope not.

Have we evolved enough as a nation to pick the lesser of two evils?

Is choosing the lesser of two evils really the better choice?

Is it really the end of the world if the more evil party gets voted in OR is it the end of the world as we knew it?

Does putting either party in office actually going to change our nation and put it on the road towards improvement?

Lots of questions, I know… Friends, this is a time to SLOW DOWN and LISTEN. Talk less. Pay attention. Be aware. Try to stay objective.

And please, VOTE.

Alright, let’s dive into my takeaways from the NOVEMBER Akashic Forecast: Initiation

  1. November is popping off with activity — lots coming this month. Much on the way. It’s time to buckle in and focus.
  2. Trouble is on the way. How we move through this trouble is up to us. It can either be used as a time of maturation or it can throw us off course. The decision is ours.
  3. Mother Earth will likely be erupting this month. How exactly is uncertain, but we must be prepared and pay attention. Remember she is a reflection of us and vice versa.
  4. The fireworks will occur at a personal and collective level. These are meant to GRIND out all that can’t withstand the journey we are taking. BUT we will have to make decisions about these things — we must choose to let them go
  5. The emphasis on decisions this month is about taking the reins, taking responsibility for our well-being, being an active participant in the evolution process, and remembering WE choose our future
  6. The future is not fixed, it is not certain. We’re being called into empowerment as a reminder to reinforce our power to create a new world. If we didn’t have to make decisions and be active participants then the Universe wouldn’t be doing its job to remind us of our own Divinity, our own power and we MUST remember that in these times
  7. The call to make stark decisions isn’t one for queasy stomachs — there will be endings this month. We will walk away from people, places, and things that must go. Will we be able to do it?
  8. Do not forget to LOVE in the midst of these breaks and disruptions. Walking away doesn’t mean the love or admiration ends, it simply means we must move on
  9. Clarity is important. We must get clear on what is and is not serving us to make the decisions about what to do. It will be much easier if we are clear — hopefully, we took October to do that, as that is what the month required
  10. To get clarity, spend time alone. Talk to God, your Guides — whomever. Talk aloud and to no one in particular if you need to. But spend time alone with yourself and connect about anything that is bringing you sadness, frustration, etc. anything that is taking you away from being centered in these times. This quietness will be your greatest weapon
  11. It will be an emotional month and a variety of emotions will come pouring out of you — sometimes for no reason at all. Allow them to come and pay attention to what and to who they are attached. This is valuable information and will assist you in your decisions. Also, be kind to yourself in these moments and remember these emotions must be purged, it is by design that they’re being released now. Allow them to release and find activities to assist in their release. Don’t hold back or stifle yourself — it will prevent you from moving forward
  12. This month is an Initiation, another step up. But know that you can’t fail. If it’s too much for you and you decide not to take the initiation, you’ll be given another chance at another time — to purge, to release, to walk away. BUT remember, you have the power to make it through the initiation at this time
  13. We are made of stars, of brilliance, of energetic movement that can’t be bound. What is within us is PURE strength because it is PURE love. But we must find that within ourselves
  14. SLOWWWW down. Do not rush or you will miss something, get frustrated, or get swept up in the chaos. Plant a firm foundation and reside in that place. Don’t go flying in the wind, like a piece of trash…
  15. Pray. Talk to the Universe. Do not worry about doing this any one way. Do not concern yourself with showing up as anything but your authentic self. Bring all the ugly stuff, all the good stuff — bring whatever is present and release it. So that you can move forward once again — free and clear, more yourself, more ready for what is to come

My recommendations for November are:

  1. SLOW down. With Mars retrograde and some KILLER astrology this month, I can’t stress enough the importance of slowing down. If you don’t, you’ll experience WAY more frustration, chaos, irritation, etc. than needed. I know it’s tough in a capitalistic, patriarchal world that thrives on movement to slow down, but that’s part of Mar’s gift to us. We can either push back AND LOSE or slow down and allow. The Universe is offering a break — take it. And learn from this time. Click the link for a better overview on the astrology.
  2. Listen. This is a month to respond BEFORE we react. Meaning, stop ourselves from reacting before we react. Again, the energy will be intense and we must take control. This will require us being present, but talking less and listening more is the best way forward.
  3. Breathe. Take the time to intentionally breathe any time things feel out of control. Breathing through the nose and out of the mouth allows for an energetic release. While breathing through the nose and out of the nose allows us to settle our nervous systems and balance the body. Breathwork is extremely powerful and is actually the first step to a meditation practice, but it will be additionally supportive when our nervous systems are freaking out. Or we’re caught in an emotional loop.
  4. Laugh. If I could make ONE suggestion for the rest of all time, it would be to laugh more! We take ourselves and life so seriously, but it’s a game. It’s a short play. And we CAN NOT LOSE — no matter what we do. There will always be second chances. Do-overs. Always. Perhaps not in this lifetime but the next. Life on planet earth is MEANT to be challenging which is why we love coming here so much! I know, I know — that may sound crazy. But I promise it’s true and your soul knows it. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy your work. Purposefully induce laughter as much as possible, in every way you can. Laugh, laugh, and the world won’t seem so dark. Because I promise you, it’s not.

Beautiful Soul, I pray this serves. Sending lots of love, hugs, and peace during my FAVORITE aka birthday month!

We CAN do this. And I’m here if you need any additional support.

Much love!

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! Discover how the Akashic Records can transform your life HERE. Receive additional support with my monthly Akashic Toolkits for $7!



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