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Hi, my name is Ahna.

You may know me, you may not. For now, it doesn’t matter.

For now, all that matters is I found a place to share my writing — thoughts, stories, and life experiences and philosophies. Who I am and what I do will come later.

For now, all that matters is I am a writer. First and foremost.

I’ve had a journal since I was seven. I love to write poetry. Writing is the way I best communicate. (If only people still wrote letters…) It’s often backward and awkward like I am in real life. But I like that. And the numerous people (including myself) who tried to change it, found it simply wasn’t meant to be. So I gave it the freedom to be what it is. Messy, dyslexic, but full of life.

I welcome your feedback, engagement or questions. But I’m just as content with silence because I do this for myself. If you’re a writer then you know the urge, the yearning to put pen to paper (still my favorite) or see your words typed out in black on white. Sometimes the necessity seems silly but it never disappears or feels wrong.

Regardless, if you find your way here, thank you for your time. There’s nothing more valuable in life and I am honored to share it with you.

Spiritual Guide. Marketer. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my podcast, Soul Driven Podcast

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