Hi there! I had to chuckle while reading your story because in some ways, it sounded so stereotypical in regards to the cats and the way you described her house… I’m an Akashic Record Soul Reader, I’ve got a podcast where I’ve interviewed psychics and mediums, plus had many readings of my own.

If you have the good fortune of meeting a good one - and usually they come in the form of a recommendation by someone you trust - then absolutely, they are worth trusting. However, I will share that not all have the power to see the future. This is called being an Oracle or a Seer and not all psychics, mediums, Akashic readers, tarot reader or any other modality has the ability to do so.

Also, I will share that no matter the modality - even astrology - our free will CAN redesign our path if we choose. Every thought, word, action we take recreates a path in front of us and sometimes being told something like “you’re getting a divorce” could lead to the rebirth of a relationship. But obviously, when there’s another person involved, two must be aligned for this to take place.

Unfortunately, in your story, that wasn’t the case. If the roles had been reversed and perhaps you were the one falling short, it might have been enough to change the tides IF you chose to.

For instance, a psychic told me earlier this year shared that my partner and I would likely go our own way… But I shared that with him, we talked about it, and something shifted for us (I felt it) after a big argument the following week. It’s hard to explain but it hasn’t been the same since. Now, who’s to say we’ll stay together forever - we’re both too realistic for that - but being told the end was coming and feeling that she was right, flipped a button for BOTH of us. Had it just been me trying to save it—it wouldn’t have worked.

Bottom line, it sounds like you met a trustworthy psychic. There are many of us out there! And if you’re uncertain of who to trust—connect with those who lead with love, not fear—and you’ll be protected.

Sorry to hear about your divorce—I never wish that on anyone. But it certainly sounds like you were saved for better things. ♥️🙏🏽

Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast http://ahnahendrix.com

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