Hi Samuel, thanks for sharing! I understand (and agree with much of) what you're sharing, but going that deep in this article wasn't my focus.

Because this is a new idea to many of us, it felt best to keep it simple and focus on what we're both saying - food is energy.

Now the vibration of that food differs - sure. But to someone who views things as good or bad or who adds enormous shame to their food despite where its come from, it's a welcome reprieve because it removes the emotional connection.

But yes, once we make the connection and fully accept that food is just energy then we'll naturally want to consider the quality of that energy. I love throwing down Reiki symbols on my food and was raised to pray before eating, so I feel you. Now I cleanse the energy of meat or harmonize it with my body before consuming anything that might carry iffy energy.

I just wanted us to walk before we tried to run, haha. Thanks for diving right in! :))



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Ahna Hendrix

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