Hi Kent, I can see where you're coming from... And you hit the nail on the head in that it is a good example of divine purpose that the cops didn't enter when they could have. Just think about it, would the nation be as outraged if only a few children died? I don't think so. And while the circumstances are still horrific whether it's one life or many, there's still truth to that statement. It is the sheer number AND the ineptness of those we consider our protectors who have everyone evaluating laws and issues that should have been solved a long time ago. How many shootings has it taken to get us to this point where the govt is even considering a discussion about it?

The bottom line is that we reap what we sow, and if we want a different outcome then we need to make different decisions. ALL of us.

This wasn't directed by God nor was it planned by anything divine - that's not how divine purpose works. It's only considered divine purpose when something we would label as bad can be turned into good - for all.

Regardless, none of this diminishes the anger, outrage, sadness or anything associated with these shootings or any other violent outcomes. This sucks - period. But as the Records share, pointing fingers doesn't solve anything. And that's what we most need to do right now - solve this issue.

Hope that helps give some context. I know these things can be tough to understand and honestly, I don't always understand it all. But I do trust what I'm shown and believe with my entire heart that we are headed in a better direction.

These children didn't give their lives for no reason - they gave them so that we might wake up and become motivated to stop these killings. That's epic divine purpose, if you ask me.

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