Hi John, thank you for sharing a link to your poem—it was beautiful! And sad at the same time. But I’m impressed with your rhyming, especially the “neath” part. Loved that you kept the rhythm flowing.

And yes, I knew immediately that Covid had lessons for us—just think about where we were in 2019! Zooming all over creation. Too busy to care about our neighbors. Too tired to pay attention to what was really going on.

Yet here we are—more compassionate than we’ve ever been. Concerned about our neighbors (Ukraine, etc). Starting to realize that life is lived in the slow moments. And much more.

It always takes me back to one of the first big lessons my Guides showed me—everything happens for our benefit.

I’d love to say that my human mind is always able to remember that and act accordingly, but that’s not true. However, I do my best to stay reminded. And I keep my heart open to possibility.

Thank you for sharing for taking the time to read. 😊🙏🏽



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Ahna Hendrix

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