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Hi Jodie! Oh girl, there are so many things to discuss about this topic, haha — I’m so glad you decided to cover it!

First, isn’t it fascinating how many parallels there are between the The Fall and what happened in the Bible? Not just with Adam and Eve, but also when mankind was building a tower to “reach God” and then lost universal language in the midst of it and no one could communicate anymore. Do you remember that story? It’s one I never forgot as a child and for good reason. The Bible offers a rich account of the overall story of mankind, but unfortunately, it was taken to the extreme, used for control, and understood verbatim. I believe it’s a Living Word and comes alive for those who truly wish to understand.

I lived several incarnations through this time period, was instrumental in trying to save it, and am in fact, here in this lifetime working to heal many of the wounds I experienced during the last lifetime when we knew Atlantis would fall and the implications of it. My current partner and I both (long story) both worked diligently to prevent the Fall. I’ve seen this time period through my healing journeys with my final past life in the Akashic Records and the sadness was palpable. It’s was an extraordinarily beautiful civilization.

But what I wanted to share is that the creations you’re speaking about were experiments of sorts between humans and animals. They were created to stroke the ego of mankind, to show their greatness, that they could create like God. But these beings weren’t truly living and were eventually used for sport. They were put through enormous pain and often killed off because the human body would reject these experiments. But their souls were not truly able to become souls and therefore they were forever lost.

I go through periods where I have dreams about Atlantis and once I saw these beings, how they were kept, what they ate and how they were treated. It’s a dream I couldn’t shake for days and still exists vividly in my memories.

Side note—know that the government has been trying to recreate these beings and has been successful in some ways.

Anyway, for those who are interested in learning more, some great resources are: 1) Discover Atlantis by Diane Cooper (the only book on Atlantis I’ve read that resonated with me — it’s about as truthful as it gets) and 2) Dolores Cannon — one would need to research her discussions on Atlantis. She’s done hypnotherapy sessions with individuals who elaborated on the beings/creations with great detail.

Perhaps now that I’ve cleared it up a bit, you can get further clarification?

Either way, loved this! And as we’ve been talking about know each other in other lifetimes, this is probably one, Jodie!

Thank you for continually sharing your curiosity with us - makes me want to go dive into the Records, haha 😊♥️🙏🏽



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