Hi Donna! Sounds like an interesting and profound experience—regardless of what happened.

In my work with the Akashic Records, what I’ve been shown regarding “walk-ins” is that they are primarily connected with intense life experiences. I had one client experience one after her brother committed suicide and she wanted to join him, therefore a walk-in was introduced. Another was after a mother lost her baby and a similar thing happened. And on.

Also, another feature connecting all my clients with these experiences is that they were really struggling with being alive up to those points and likely would’ve given up their life after those events.

Because an earthly life is so valued, other souls will step in to take on the karma from the prior soul and continue in the life plans.

Considering these examples, I wouldn’t necessarily think you experienced a “walk-in”. But honestly, it doesn’t matter either way, right? Whatever happened, it sounds like you got a new lease on life and that’s incredible.

In these times, because everything is moving so quickly, our souls are capable of releasing enormous amounts of karma, clearing old wounds and healing areas almost instantaneously, so that may be what occurred in your situation without you realizing it.

So many things to consider!

Cheers to you and your new life—whatever it may be 😊🙏🏽

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