Hi Daisy, wanted to reach out and tell you what a pleasure it’s been reading your stories. I’m often reading late at night on my iPad with a squished face and one hand, so it doesn’t exactly lend itself to leaving comments. But you’ve got a beautiful way with words and I hope you continue letting them evolve.

Also, on mothers—I’m with you. My issues don’t seem as deep as yours but are similar nonetheless. And it sucks. It hurts. They suck.

But what I’ve learned on my journey (and it’s clear you are, too) is how strong my mother made me by rejecting me. It’s not a fair lesson, not an easy one. But damn am I strong because of it.

And one of the reasons I’ve loved reading your stories so much is because it is very clear that even in the midst of addiction, you were stronger than most.

I’m not trying to make it right or tidy but wanted to share that’s what I’ve experienced and see in you.

I love how you express yourself. I love how you are unabashedly you. And even though I would’ve never walked your paths, I admire you for them.

Thank you for sharing your voice, your stories, and your strength with this community. I’m sure there are a lot of lurkers like myself who secretly think you’re brilliant.

Keep talking to us. 😉🙏🏽



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Ahna Hendrix

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