Hi Calvin, thanks for your interest and questions! However, as shared in this post, this offering isn’t for personal questions as I would need to be in your personal Records to answer them. But of course, they could be inquired upon in a scheduled reading. And coincidentally, today marks the first day of 10% off Akashic readings for June, if that’s of interest. In addition, I teach folks how to access the Records and would suggest joining my email newsletter if you want to learn how. Otherwise, my next best recommendation would be to purchase Linda Howe’s How to Read the Akashic Records and use her prayer to begin learning. There are numerous meditations and whatnot online but as many are not conducive or protective for a newbie, I don’t suggest them. It’s important to use purposeful methods when working with the spiritual world. Hope that helps and best of luck! 😊🙏🏽

Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast http://ahnahendrix.com

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