Hey Jodie! Loved your mala idea for mantras! I’ve heard it before, but I just ordered a new mala today and I got a full body YES when I read your suggest for how to use it. I do a crown chakra meditation called Samarpan, but I’ve been curious about trying mantra meditations. However, I love the silence so much—we’ll see. Either way, thank you—great suggestion!

I’m similar to you with intentions, mainly because they’re a requirement in client work. Setting intentions for my clients before readings or coaching sessions make such a huge difference in clarity that it still surprises me. Intentions are so powerful! I’m still learning to use them more in my everyday life.

And affirmations haven’t ever been my thing, but how I have begun using them is with tapping! It’s become part of my daily practices over the past 2.5 months and girl—it’s reprogramming my mind! The results have been incredible! I’m holding off for another month or two to do a podcast/write about the massive shifts I’ve made—I can’t even believe them myself. And I’m just doing 3-12 minutes/day, nothing major. Anyway, wanted to share as that might resonate with you. Lots of great tappers on YouTube you can follow if interested and I’m happy to make some recommendations.

Hope you’re doing great! Thank you for always sharing heartfelt, helpful content with us. Many blessings ♥️🙏🏽



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Ahna Hendrix

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