Healing Rejection & An Akashic Message

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A week ago, in the midst of trying to come up with the next podcast topic, my Guides showed up in meditation. They said I should speak about rejection, about how it’s affected my life, what I’ve recently uncovered about my life’s work in accordance with rejection, and then channel through a message about rejection from the Akashic Records. I told them I wasn’t ready to talk about rejection, that I’ve only begun to heal it, but they didn’t care. So I trusted them. And after I channeled through the message about rejection and showed up to speak about it, I’m so thankful that I listened.

I’m on this wild ride to who-knows land and while a part of me would love to share everything perfectly packaged and wrapped up in a bow, I’m learning that’s not my style. Annnd I’m going with it. It feels good to trust myself. To trust my intuition. And to know I’m not the only one in the vehicle.

For now, I highly recommend listening to my latest episode, “Healing Rejection & An Akashic Message” but if that’s not your style, I still wanted to share the MAGICAL message I received about rejection. Everyone experiences it. Everyone knows its devastation. But for me, it was too crippling to even consider how to heal it. Until this message came through.


“Rejection. There is little else on this planet that causes so much pain. Just the energy of it causes the body to tighten up, to feel rigid, to impose walls, to build up walls that sandstorms could not even breach.

For there is so much that comes through an onslaught of rejection. There is a myriad of feelings, emotions, physical reactions that take place when someone experiences rejection. And rejection can come from so many places. It can come when applying for a job or at work, with a family member, a friend who isn’t feeling so friendly. It can come from a lover. It can even come from your very own children.

Yes, rejection. It is one of those things that can stop you in your tracks, for it goes to the very depths of who you are as a human. In fact, you were born into this world feeling rejection. For you had passed through the dark veil, your sight had been removed. You no longer understood where or who you are, when your spirit had for so long, and at a deep level it knew something was missing. Therefore, it feels like rejection.

It goes through the many questions of, “what is it that I’ve done to end up here? Why is it that I can’t use this body the way I am meant to?” You always wonder why babies scream and cry, it is this very frustration they feel. Feeling left and abandoned in a body that isn’t theirs. Yet it is.

This feeling of rejection is carried with you throughout your life because you continually experience it.

Not tall enough to ride the ride. Not fast enough to join the team. Not pretty enough to get the guy. Not smart enough to win your parent’s approval. And on and on it goes.

Therefore, rejection is a very personal emotion that plagues each and every one of you. This is why your worth and the question of your worth, is always top of mind until you discover your worth for yourself.

For therein lies the only method towards healing the deep dug-out lines of rejection.

You must be able to find within yourself the ability to overcome what the world says, for what it is that you know at your very core. That you are infinite. That you are finite. That you are wonder and awe. That you have no boundaries, even in this boundary. That you are eternal love. That there is nothing that can stop you, prevent you from fulfilling each and every want and need that serves in your highest and best while living on your planet.

But it’s all about the insides. It’s all about how you learn to build a relationship with yourself. What kind of foundation will you build it upon? One that relies on achievement? Material gain? Physical appearance? Or will you build it on the tried and true that lies deep within the depths of you? For only through healing this part of yourself will you begin to truly experience the realness of who you are.

It is true that some deal with rejection in a much more personal way. They are additionally sensitive to its tentacles. They feel stings at the slightest pull. Whereas others are able to withstand rejection.

Do not believe any less of yourself despite which camp you reside in. For both are equal, equally the same. It is simply the path you are walking on, and it doesn’t matter which side you feel more of. You both experience those same inner questions.

Am I worthy? Can I do this? Am I enough? We wish to say with a resounding YES in all capital letters that you are, you are, and will always be. But it’s up to you to find this light within yourself. To know that the world’s rejection is just that, the world’s. It cannot touch you or harm you — if you know your own worth.

Not by erecting walls, triggering reactions or defensively staying away from everyone. Haha, we know that staying away from everyone is a good plan at times. Yet it’s not the solution nor will it do anything to fill the depth of you that needs to understand its worth outside of your material world.

For the world will seek to tell you that your worth and value can be piled up in the amount of money you have. The jobs that you’ve taken. The titles you wear. The people you partner up with. The way in which you look to the outside world.

But none of this matters. None of it fills the holes of rejection unless you, yourself alone know that you are worthy. That you have worth by doing nothing, that there is no achievement that can ever wash away the excess that rejection leaves streaked upon your exterior windows.

Nothing but love, love for yourself. Love for where you’re at. Love for who you are. Love at any moment.

For your pitfalls and failures, shortcomings, the ways in which you believe that you are not good enough.

Yes, love even that. Love, love, love. It heals all.

We wish to tell you Friends that through this finding of love for yourself even in your deepest, darkest moments — when you want to crawl up in a ball of shame, when you want to hide from the world, when you think you are so awful that you will never be lovable. Especially, in these moments, find love for yourself and rejection will become a faded memory.”

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