Haha, trueeee that! But let’s be real—cheating is never about the person being cheated on, it’s about the person doing the cheating. And if they’re open, it doesn’t matter who’s by their side, ie case in point.

Someone awesome said, the grass is always greener BUT you have to mow that lawn, too, haha.

Every relationship requires work, tolerance, understanding, and compromise—it doesn’t matter what they look like. And we’re never safe—every person will fail us at one point in time or another. Perfect doesn’t exist! And even if it did, we’d eventually get bored of them, too. It’s human nature.

But real wisdom is knowing and appreciating what you have.

Anyone can give into their human nature. Those who choose to sidestep the distractions are the real winners.

Thanks for a great article and reminder ♥️🙏🏽

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