Haha, love your posts and comics—they always make me laugh at my weirdness.

Yesss, paperwork, like taxes, is SCARY. I love dishes but that’s because it soothes my mind. However, paperwork, ADULT THINGS, how does anyone do it? I have to trick myself.

Also, I’ve got a bad habit at picking my cuticles. I’m always joking that you can tell how I’m REALLY doing by looking at my hands—mega stress means mega redness. Actually in the midst of quitting as I’ve found that it dramatically lowers my anxiety and over-thinking mind. Haven’t ever read into this part of the disorder but it seems to aggravate the hyperactivity. Plus, I have beautiful hands and it destroys them.

Anyway, thank you for the continual laughs—we always need an excuse to take ourselves less seriously 😊🙏🏽

Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast http://ahnahendrix.com

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