Haha, IF you find studies - please share! Although I highly doubt this work will come to light like the LSD cases for quite some time - if ever. Primarily because they're still at work and there's no sign of slowing down. These children are utilized for remote viewing, telekinses, some are superhuman, and much more for spying and control purposes.

Here's a link to an interview by a reputable teacher with a girl who was able to remember of her past since they are programmed to forget afterwards: https://youtu.be/bdM1UZzjIiI

You'll see others discussing their experiences in the live chat and comments.

Similar to Gigi Young, I am an intuitive and work with the Akashic Records and more. Through my client work, I have been privy to insane stories that primarily occurred during childhood but some in adulthood. It seems they aren't happy when members "remember" and seek to shut them down in various ways. These children and teenages are subjected to all kinds of manipulation, sexual abuse, and more. It's generational. Sometimes the parents are knowingly involved and others they are not.

It's a warped world but if you feel inclined, head towards the bottom of Alice and Wonderland and you will find it.



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