Haha, I didn’t disagree because I don’t want to discount your experience. I simply wanted to share we aren’t all like that. While this article has some good and interesting points, it’s full of generalizations, and I don’t think that helps anyone. As long as we’re throwing around accusations, nothing will be solved. There are societal and cultural reasons for behavior, it’s not just crappy people.

It’s interesting that you seem to be surrounded by these types of women because I have known so few like that in my lifetime, and I just turned 40. But these aren’t the types I hang out with too often.

Of course, there are women who only date men for their money—I lived in NYC and saw that in droves. Southern California as well.

But I think the bigger underlying root cause is that women want security and safety, and that usually translates to dolla dolla bills UNLESS a woman has her own means. And is happy with her own life.

If you’re looking for that type, don’t bother with the typical places. Head to networking and entrepreneurship events, community meetups, volunteering, or groups associated with a spiritual or religious focus.

Not saying you won’t meet them on dating apps or social media, but they’ll be harder to find. And honestly, I think it’s the same for meeting good men. Folks with substance don’t do the things or fill their schedules with the stuff most people do. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but they want different things.

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying—different strokes for different folks 😜🙏🏽



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