Haha, hope you read my message in a silly political ad voice — that’s what I was going for. But yes, it’s always nice when our messages are validated across different modalities or channels. I love seeing how other Akashic readers channel through for the monthly theme, like I do. They always align in their perfectly unique way.

Yes, I offer online courses and will be hosting another one this Fall (eek, quite soon). I’m happy to add you to the interest list if that sounds like something you’d like to learn more about.

And I’m like you — I love to learn new modalities and am forever curious. There’s so much to learn!

I’ve actually done quite a bit of work with the archangels and AA Rafael is one of my main guides in this lifetime. He’s a huge help during my healing sessions and likes to goof off so we’re well matched, haha. AA Michael is also one of my daily friends who I always call in to be with me. My connection with AA Ariel is so strong that it blows my circuits sometimes — Ariel shows me lots about past lives. And I’ve really been falling in love with AA Raziel lately. I’m a big fan, which is why I was so drawn to your work.

But yes, it’s wonderful to connect with like-minded people these days. And I really enjoy your channeled messages — can’t wait to read your book!

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