Haha, clicking my water bottle with your coffee cup (coffee isn't wise for my body or anyone who has to deal with me) and cheers to opposing views!

Still, I wonder if the Warner Bros story has any validity in real life. That might explain why there's such a difference..? I don't have many expectations when watching sequels...

But hey-Sister Act has a great sequel! haha. Probably not your type of movie but I loved them.

Also, surprised you didn't like Dune!!! I was BUMMED when it was over and I learned they wouldn't even start shooting the second one until this year. It wasn't a movie I was excited to see, but I really enjoyed it.

And yes, you are a tough critic! But that's cool. I'm only tough on movies when I love the book. However, I've let go of that as I've gotten older. The Notebook severely pissed me off the first time I saw it because they changed the ending. As a young girl, I had called into work the day I started reading that book so I could finish it! And I'm not one for romance novels.

Anyway, to each their own! Fun chat 😁

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