Go you!

In 2019, I joined friends for a 90-day no drinking challenge and it was so life changing that it turned into a full year. I hadn’t been an alcoholic but didn’t have a healthy relationship with alcohol — you know, the difference between having a drink to enjoy it versus having one to deal with life. My big takeaway was that I thought alcohol made life more interesting but I realized it just stole it from me.

Since then, I’ve drank on and off but never with the same ferocity and now maybeeee have a glass every other week or two. Sometimes I’ll be wild and have two. And about 2-3 times since 2019, I’ve had several. That was BRUTAL.

After such a big break, alcohol never regained its place in my life and sometimes I consider nixing it all over again. Because let’s face it, once you hit 40, you’ve either got to be a regular drinker or the after-affects are toooo much.

For me, being around people who are drinking/tipsy had an usual effect and I’m curious if you have experienced this — I feel tipsy, too! And sometimes I even get a phantom hangover the next morning..? It’s super weird. I’m very empathic and pick up energy easily so I’ve chalked it up to that, but I’m curious — have you encountered this??

My 90 days was such a joy I kept going and going and going. But after that year, the impulse to fully remove it faded and I decided to go with the flow. All to say, have fun with it and see what happens! Clearly, the magic is already arriving :))

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