For me, I don’t consider it shallow, I just take it as we’re not meant to be friends. Either they’re really not that into me, they’ve got too much going on in their world or they aren’t into connection. My feelings still get hurt — I’m a sensitive woman who’s like a puppy and wants to be friends — but sometimes it’s not meant to be.

But I do believe the state of this planet and all that’s happening is playing a role in people’s ability to extend outside their circle and/or open up. After 2020’s lockdown, I’ve certainly had to revisit my old “social anxiety” that I hadn’t dealt with since I was a kid. The first social gathering I attended was a joke — I hogged a friend the entire time and couldn’t push myself to talk to people like I normally would. Couldn’t believe how stifled I felt.

I think there are lots of factors. And while they don’t necessarily hurt my feelings any less, I try to think the best of others. But I also don’t waste my time. We don’t have to chase those who are meant for us.

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