FEBRUARY Akashic Forecast: Enough

If You Don’t Take The Reins, No One Else Will

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readFeb 2, 2023
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This is the Akashic Forecast for the month of February as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

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Friends, I’ve NEVER experienced the Akashic Records channeling with such urgency before…

We have MAJOR change on the way.

NOW is the time. And saying ENOUGH is the solution. It’s time to pay attention!

February is an invitation to step further into empowerment. To release what no longer serves.

And to enact CHANGE in our lives.

It’s time.

There are twinkling lights outside.

Yes, they shine and glitter.

They grab your attention.

Oh yes, so many things grab your attention these days.

In fact, your attention is a high-priced commodity. Something that comes and goes, comes and goes. Sometimes you’ve got it. Others you don’t.

In fact, usually, you do not.

For there are so many different things happening right now. It’s difficult for you to stay in any one place, whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually. You’re jumping from here to there, going round and round.

And what is that doing to serve you? How is it helping you?

Does it not break you down when you’ve got too many places to go?

Does your mind not become scrambled, empty, overwhelmed when there’s too much on your plate?

Distractions. Distractions.

We’ve spoken about this before, yet they are only beginning to ramp up this year.

You must understand that now is a time for you to ground into what is in front of you, what is around you, what is within you.

We mean this by saying your solid foundation. The place that you come back to when everything is swirling round and round and you don’t know which direction to go. For there are so many, yet so very few actually serve you.

Where is your discernment?

Where are the voices inside your head leading you?

And what is this anxiety that surrounds you?

My, my it’s the pace of life, yet You Are In Control.

Do you realize this?

Are you even aware of how much power you hold?

Do you know that you can stop yourself at any time?

Prevent yourself from being overwhelmed?

Plan out your schedules so that you have empty pockets to return to? To fill up in?

Places for yourself, moments for yourself. Do you give yourself enough of these?

We must tell you that there is much coming this year.

And it would be very prudent for you to spend time getting ahold of yourself, shaking yourself out of this furied frenzy for it serves you not.

We know that you’ve been beating up on yourself because you feel as if you haven’t been able to get enough done, even though you’re frazzled and going nonstop.

But if you don’t take the reins, then no one else will.

For it Is Your Life, yes — yours. You are solely responsible for it. You must treat it with the care that

you wish others would treat theirs.

Yes, of course, you’ve always got opinions about how other people should be living their life. What about turning that finger back around? What about getting real about the decisions that you are making — for they are not serving you. And of course, we are not talking about everything, but we want to be real with you.

For this month is going to be your last chance to truly grind yourself in. To find things, methods, practices that will easily and readily bring you back to yourself.

See, you must start anew. You must create new habits. You must get loud and angry about your boundaries, not necessarily towards others, but utilize that indignation for yourself to say ENOUGH.

Enough of this running around in circles. Of running myself ragged. Of running myself into the ground.

No, no, I must take back my power now for the world needs me. I need me. And I am of no use when I am this way. It is very difficult for me to plant flowers and bloom when I don’t even have any water to give them.

You must understand that we speak so intensely because we want you to hear us loud and clear.

We know that it’s difficult for you. We know that the world was set up in this way for you to run around in circles. For you to work yourself to death.

But we are here to tell you there is a NEW way. You need not do this.

The tides are turning, shifting. New paradigms are coming in. But you, you must make the decision to go in a different direction. You must make the decision to take care of yourself knowing that, you are only as good as that to the world around you and to yourself.

If you wish to find peace and contentment, then it will start within, first. You’ll never find it outside of yourself in any sort of material possessions. These distractions, they serve you. These distractions, they pull at you. They suck the life force out of you, and you must put your foot down.

Enough is enough this month.

It’s time to get serious. Serious about the ways in which you treat yourself. Serious about the ways in which you go about your own world.

And of course, we want you to have fun. For fun will assist you in this process.

Yes, you must laugh and stop being so serious in your mind. But know that this will be impossible if you do not make some space for yourself. If you do not begin putting boundaries in place and saying “no” more often.

Fun is hard to come by when there’s no time for it.

And we know, we know — oh, you’ve got so much to do… But do you REALLY? Do you really need to do all those things?

Yes, yes, we ask you many questions this month because it is time for you to review yourself before the big kickoff coming next month.

You must understand that big things are shifting this year. You will not be the same person by the end of the year.

You will be a completely different being — for better, for worse, or for just the same. That is up to you.

It is time for you to take responsibility. It is time for you to step up to the plate.

Know that support is always around you. And that you must call out for help whenever you need it, in the physical world or the spiritual world, it matters not.

We are always here for you. But you must call upon us if you need our assistance, and you must make a dedicated time for us so that we can commune together. So that we can guide you. So that we can assist you on this path.

But again, this is your decision.

You must choose. You must take responsibility.

You must turn the ship

and get back on course.

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