Don’t Give in to the Fear

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readMar 8, 2022


The world needs you — your best self — your loving self.

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Lately, I’ve seen too many crazy stories floating around the internet.

As with each new crisis, more conspiracies rise to the surface. I’ve seen everything from the “war in Ukraine isn’t real” to “Reptilians are taking over the world” to “Putin is the next Messiah”.

Crazy shit. And MOST of it is coming from the spiritual/metaphysical community, which is really frustrating.

But what’s even worse and even more dangerous — in my mind — are the teachers, channelers, practitioners who parade as beings of light yet share messages rooted in fear.

First, let me clarify — I do not believe these people are intentionally trying to do harm and I’m fuzzy about the divine purpose in their polarizing messages. Are they wrong? Only the Universe knows.

But what I do believe is that anything that creates judgment isn’t in alignment with love. And I don’t believe that we need more fear right now.

We don’t need to hear messages like “trust NO ONE” and “you are being manipulated” and so on.

Getting lost in these ideas only leads to more fear, more issues because WE create our reality.

And while you are free to create whatever you want, I felt it was important to not only encourage you to not give in to the fear but also to explain how to see it more clearly.

Because let’s be honest — most fearful messages are packaged as “for your best interest” type stuff, and that’s bullshit.

I’m not all light and love. That’s not truth. It’s not reality. I believe love is truth. Love is real. Love says “no” when a boundary is being crossed. Love does not let someone else take their power. Love sees what is and yet still chooses to love it. Etc.

Anyone who’s read or listened to my channels from the Akashic Records knows that these Guides aren’t afraid to be direct about what is happening, coming, or the fact we’re in for a ride.

BUT it comes from an empowering place. A place that says, “You have everything you need for these times” or “Try to love others even in the midst of conflict” or “You are never alone, we are always with you”…

I see far too many within the spiritual community get lost in the details and add to the polarity all the while creating the same sort of systems that they blame Christianity for having…


Fear creates judgment. Fear makes us think we can’t trust others. Fear makes us hoard. Fear is having a scarcity mindset. Fear is creating stories for the future that haven’t even gotten here and wasting time worrying about them. Fear creates all these insane conspiracies.

FEAR will take us down faster than anything will.

And here’s the deal — this is how I look at it — with alllllllll the conspiracies floating around, it’s actually quite simple — what can you control? If you can’t control it, then it’s not worth your time to worry about it. The Universe has our back. Everything happens for our benefit. There is no fall without a rise. There is no ebb without a flow. But all works out in the end.

Worrying about things you don’t know — and no, social media can’t tell you, your friends can’t tell you, no one can tell you — is a waste of time.

I believe that as long as we’re in human bodies, we’ll never have the full truth or full knowledge of anything. I don’t know it all. And even though I channel the Akashic Records and trust them with everything, I know that my truth is just a piece of the puzzle.

Okay, enough ranting.

I want to share a few tips that I use to discern between love and fear. Because at the root of EVERYTHING, that’s all there is. Every word, action, thought, etc we make is rooted in love or fear — period. It’s that simple.

And we must be very discerning in these times to not only check ourselves but check the information we’re digesting to see what its root is. Because fear can be camouflaged from the more aware of us. We must take responsibility for ourselves if we want to be our best.

First, the body is the greatest tool we’ve been given in this lifetime. It will always help us to know what is and isn’t in our best interest. And what is and isn’t founded in love.

Place your hand on your chest — that beautiful flat surface where life abounds. And ask yourself, “does this feel open and expansive” (love) or “does it feel tight and constricted” (fear)?

The body will never steer you wrong.

Second, ask yourself this question — how is this helping me? If it’s adding to your life, if it’s empowering you in some way (not the gossip informer type of way), then it’s likely from a place of love.

If it’s giving your ego a jump. If it’s providing empty (unproven) power. If it’s polarizing. If it’s taking away — it’s not from a place of love.

Finally, be direct, tune in and ask yourself — is this information founded in love or fear? You have ALL the wisdom you could ever need deep inside of you. But to access it, you must quiet the mind, tune into your heart (I like to touch mine when the mind is extra active as it brings my attention there), and see what it has to say.

You don’t need the world, social media, or even me to tell you what’s going on— you have easy access to that knowledge inside of you.

To end, again, I want to encourage you — don’t get caught up in fear in these times. Yes, there is much to fear. Yes, there will be more to fear. And yes, it’s okay to feel fear.

But if we let it rule our lives. Our decisions. And how we view the world then we will continue to be at odds with it and only create more to fear.

The world needs you — your best self — your loving self. Don’t give in.

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