Discover How You Communicate With the Spiritual World

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

The spiritual world will always meet us exactly where we are.

We are ALL psychic. We are just psychics in different ways.

We are ALL empaths. We are just empathic in different ways.

We ALL have the full range of senses. Some of them are stronger and more natural from the beginning, but the ones that change our life could be the ones we cultivate.

  1. Clairvoyance i.e. Seeing. If you learn through watching or doing. If you must LOOK when tough or difficult things are happening to you. Vivid dreams. When describing things, you say “I see” or you use visual words. When colors have a huge impact on you. Your dreams provide profound insight. STRONG SENSE. You see things others don’t. You see spirits, Guides, or colorful orbs that interact with you. You can see the future.
  2. Clairaudience i.e. Hearing. If you are sensitive to sound and it easily changes your mood. You love loud or quiet music — no in-between. You value communication. Talking on the phone is either awesome or awful. Loud places can be overwhelming for you. You’ve always had talking thoughts going through your mind and receive “downloads” easily. Ringing of the ears. STRONG SENSE. Radio-type frequencies provide introductions to your Guides. You hear voices in your head just like you do when speaking to someone in-person. You are able to channel easily and seamlessly.
  3. Clairsentience i.e. Feeling. If your body is sensitive to environmental changes and you don’t like extreme cold or heat. If you “feel” others around you. When describing things, you say “I feel like… I feel that”. Your mood can change instantly by walking into a room. You experience exhaustion quite often. You need lots of rest and alone time. You are extra sensitive to New and Full Moons. STRONG SENSE. You’re able to communicate through feeling. Your body tells you when things are about to happen, if someone is good or negative, and all about the environment around you. You’re able to interpret messages through feeling, similar to how a person can hear words.
  4. Claircognizance i.e. Knowing. Having a full-body knowing about something you’ve never learned about and should know nothing (or next to nothing) about. Sensing immediately if someone is a good or negative person. Instead of saying “I feel” to describe, saying “I think or I know”. Being able to discern quickly when someone is lying to you. Not needing to learn things to know them, like most people. STRONG SENSE. Knowing immediately what a message means without any explanation when it comes through. Telepathy. Trusting yourself to be right even when no one else believes you or is saying the same thing.

Do YOU know what your strongest intuitive senses are??



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