Didn’t work for me either. I couldn’t get down with trying to dump and replace a “clean” cup in a public bathroom - ever. And my body wasn’t a big fan altho I didn’t have side effects like yours.

Idk how cups relate to feminism - I was focused on the environmental benefit versus anything else. I tried period underwear and actually followed the directions to not put them in the dryer, which resulted in the first two UTI’s I’ve ever had and gravely messed up the biosphere of my private area. A year later, I read on a forum that women ignore those directions and use the dryer.

However, in the meantime, I went back to my trusty tampons (can’t do pads) and use cardboard ones telling myself they will break down easier in the garbage pile. Pads and tampons make up a huge % of trash these days and it hurts my heart to contribute to it.

These days, I rely on period underwear unless I’m spending the day in public and am forced to use tampons.

I am appreciative of my “moon” and the cleansing process of my body, but I really wish there were more eco-friendly solution for women. We definitely should be thinking about these things.



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Ahna Hendrix

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