COVID-19: As Explained Through the Akashic Records

Everything happens for our benefit.

Ahna Hendrix
13 min readOct 6, 2021
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At the end of July 2021, I began getting nudges from my Guides to channel through a message about Covid-19 from the Akashic Records. They wanted me to present it in a similar format to how I conduct readings with clients versus simply channeling through a general message — Q&A style. It was meant to explain what Covid-19 is, how to learn during these times, how long it will last, etc. The Collective need for answers was beckoning them to talk — and talk they did.

In this reading, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

What is Covid?

Where does Covid come from?

What role is Covid playing for this planet?

What lessons are we meant to learn during this time?

How long will Covid rule our lives?

What can we do to make the most of this time?

Is there anything else that should be shared about Covid?

Initially, it was created for my podcast, the Soul Driven Podcast, but recently they’ve nudged me to share it on Medium. This meant transcribing and checking nearly an hour of text — ooof, haha. But in the midst of it, I realized how important this message is to share, and am thankful for the opportunity.

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I pray this serves you. Blesses you. Brings hope. And widens your perspective of all that is taking place. Everything happens for our benefit, and these are truly beautiful days.

“There is a wind about you. It flushes from your left to your right. It breathes its way across your head, down the backside of your body, making its way through to the front and encircling you from every area. It is this breath, this fire that awakens you. It beckons you forward, it calls you to stand still. It says, do you see me standing in front of you? Do you know what it is that I am capable of? Will you retreat, go run and hide? Or will you stand strong? Declare your ability to come forward, to move in any direction that you would like. Or to become something that you haven’t been before?

This is what this is all about. It is the greatest undoing that has ever been done simply because it is time. The earth beneath you is beginning to break, crack wide open from the sheer weight of the insanity that lives upon it. It could no longer pretend to look in the other direction either. For it is clear that its inhabitants have not been able to come to terms with themselves or all that life has to offer them. No, instead, they take, pillage, rape, breed unhealthy lives upon each other.

Take and take and take.

That is all that it is that we can see around us, this taking with nothing left in return — from whom or what it was taken. Therefore, this shift comes forward in a steady light. It will unearth all that needs to go, it will shaken and awaken. It will call us to ourselves, it will beckon what it is that has always been there.

So that, once again, the choice might be given. There is so much here. It is not just one thing. And we certainly do not wish for you to become overcome by all that is happening at this time. But know that what is happening must happen.

For there is a great rebalancing taking place, a shift back towards what should be at the very heart of this planet, a deep understanding, a knowing that each and every one of you is the same, deserves the same, is equally impacted by the actions of one.

You all suffer together, when one suffers. You all ache, when one aches. There is no separation.

Thank you, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones.

I’m here to gain a better understanding of COVID. And this is where I would like to start.

What is the virus that we call COVID-19?

The virus that you called COVID-19 is an awakening. It is a shakeup of the NTH degree. It is one that will keep coming, coming in waves until it has worked its magic, until it has released, unburdened and decodified that which is not working in your world. It is here to clarify for you what is truly important. It is the making of the greatest undoing that has ever been done.

For truly at this time, humans as a whole are more awake, present, aware than they have ever been. They know and understand the outcome of their actions, yet they take place anyway. They choose to step over others to get to what it is that they want. They choose to push some aside while wrapping their arms around others.

Choices have been made time and again to disrespect one another, to take advantage. Not only of the humans of this earth, but of all the things that the Earth wishes to give to her inhabitants. The minds, the food, the animals, yes, it has all been raped and pillaged, it has all been taken for granted, it has all been forgotten.

And even now, as this beautiful earth is on the brink of destruction, humans still choose to look the other way, turn their cheek. Please understand that this is part of the human mentality. For at your very core, there is pain, pain of all kinds, abandonment, rejection, not being loved. And from this pain, produces more pain, more death, more destruction.

It is not because you are inherently bad, no, that isn’t the case at all. It is simply because this is the human predicament, to try to learn to live a life without being connected to Source, to something Greater. The fool’s journey.

COVID is here to merge the two together, to re-introduce you to yourselves, to put the cap back on the head, to say wake up, Gentle Soul. What was it that you came here to do? How is it that you can step forward and give to your mankind? How can you be of service? This is the endeavor of this disease.

It is also here to unburden the Earth of those who do not wish to be here. For whether they realize it or not, even if it is on an unconscious level, those who find death through the arms of COVID do so to be unburdened, to be set free, free from the heaviness of this planet, free from the burdens of life. It is what their souls chose to do long before this planet had ever heard of COVID. Their deaths allow for more space, for the light to make its way through.

For of course, humans must be jostled, hit across the head in order to take notice of what it is that is happening around them. Do you think we would really be here at this time and place in history if humans had learned how to live in harmony with one another? With the planet Earth? With the animals? With the life that is around at all times? Of course not.

COVID came through its inception because it was needed, called upon by the souls of those who wish to rise, to be awakened, to be reborn. COVID is not man-made, and yet it is.

What does that mean that “COVID is not man-made, and yet it is?”

It means that this virus did not come from the Universe. Man so often thinks that we are playing games. That we are forcing down harm when they do not do as we wish. Yet we wish nothing. Of course, we want to see your planet living in harmony — knowing that for every action, there is a reaction.

But it is not our place to interfere, nor would we ever unleash something like COVID upon the planet. That is not our place. Only you are capable of this.

When we say that COVID is not man-made and yet it is, it is because of what we alluded to before that the very souls of mankind have been calling out to be awakened, shook. Held in place so that their eyes might see what it is that is taking place around them. In this and through the Collective need, the crying out of nature, the devastation of your forests, the mutilation and abuse of your animals, the discrepancies between your races, the ways in which hierarchy finds its place so easily upon man.

COVID came forward and was created from all the pain that sits upon the planet that wishes to be rejuvenated and reborn. For truly everything that comes forward is simply wishing to right a wrong, to rebalance the system, to make things level and even again. Therefore, it was your Collective Unconsciousness, the actions that have taken place, the decisions that have been made, that welcomed COVID into being.

Thank you, Masters, teachers, loved ones.

What lessons are we meant to be learning during this time?

This is a time for remembering. It is a time for taking stock of all that is happening around you. You see the rain, you see the floods, you see the fires, you see the great pain of fallen nations. And yet, what is it that you do? Do you close your heart off from the suffering of mankind? Do you turn your cheek? Or are you beginning to realize that you will never be able to live on a planet that breeds so much hate?

So much so, that it is time you actually do something, that it is time you begin living a new way, taking on a new rhythm to your every day. Perhaps learning how to be more present with those you love. Listening to their words, their wants, their needs. Spending and taking time for yourself, learning how to connect within, to the great wisdom that resides within you. Learning to turn off the chaos and the noise that solely wishes to distract you. From learning how to take your place in this world. For each and every one of you has brought a bountiful gift into this life and if you are here on this planet at this time, it is because you have chosen so. It is because you have said you wanted the opportunity to try and turn things around.

Yet this planet is heavy. It seeks to depress you all. You must learn to rise above it. You must learn to see what it is in front of you that really matters — mankind, this planet, the beautiful animals. You do not understand all the galaxies and worlds that are so envious of the planet upon which you reside. You have no idea what gift you have been given, what it is to be human. To feel, to learn, to experience, to grow, to blend your bodies with one another. There is so much richness here, and yet you bypass all of it.

Why is it that something so devastating must take place on your planet for you to begin noticing what it is that’s in front of you. Take the time to know, experience, feel, taste and touch. Decide for yourselves how it is that you can give back, the change that you can make. For COVID is here to truly wake you up, to shake you back into awareness of all that you have been given. You must help one another, but first you must help yourselves.

COVID is not here to desolate. It is not here to take lives that did not want to or choose to go ahead of time. For even as their lives raise into the heavens, it brings about an increase in the vibration of this planet. For this planet is changing, reshaping. It, too, is purging that which does not belong to make space for that and those who would love and appreciate her. Love and appreciate one another. This is a great shift. And yes, it is happening through the lens of COVID.

COVID will one day be seen as a gift and we know how blasphemous that sounds at this point in time. But we also know what is to come.

How long will COVID be ruling our lives? At this time, so many of us want to be able to be with each other without issue and restraint, without fear of being with one another, without the fear of what’s going to happen in the future with our work, whether it will be there, whether it won’t. It truly feels like right now in many ways COVID is reigning supreme.

Master, Teachers, Loved Ones, can you share with us a bit about how long COVID is here?

This is a world that can change its course of action at any time. COVID need only be here for as long as you wish it to be. It can go away at any time. But first the lessons must be learned, the vibration must rise. Your civilization must awaken, must begin to live life differently, must begin to reshape how it views the world, how it wishes to affect one another.

A great awareness must rise to the surface before COVID will find its place and be ebbed out like those before it. This is solely up to you. When will you begin living from a place of love? When will you take the time to help your neighbor with their groceries through the door? When will you learn to slow down and take time and space for yourself? When will you nurture and respect the animal life, the fauna, all of that is living around you? When will you realize that the hefty pace you’ve been living isn’t sustainable? Not for your mind, soul or body, not for the planet, not for the societies, not for the cultures, not for anything.

Much change must take place before COVID will recede. Much crumbling, violence, breakdowns, resettlings, rebuildings, reconstitutions. It is a re-world now. So much must be undone in order to be rebuilt.

COVID will be along with you on this ride. It won’t be in the driver’s seat, but it will certainly be sitting up front. Therefore, you must learn to live within the confines of your means. You must learn power and generate yourself with little to nothing. Please understand that you collectively made this choice. It was not our doing.

Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, what can we do to make the most of this time?

We think it’s fair to say that this has mostly been covered and what it is that we’ve been sharing throughout our time together. The answer varies depending upon the person. This is a great resettling of all that you have known to be true in your life.

The older generations are having the hardest time grappling with what it is that they see in the news every day. They wonder what went wrong. They feel enormous amounts of guilt, pain, shame, embarrassment for the ways in which they didn’t take care of this planet. Didn’t do better, didn’t provide for an easier future for those that they love so much.

Meanwhile, the younger generations are growing up asking in anger, full of anger, as they should be, “What is it that you are leaving for us? These burdens that you are placing on our shoulders?” Everywhere they look, they see things that need to be fixed. They see a planet that is falling apart. They see systems that don’t serve. They see people of different color who can’t seem to get along. And none of it makes sense.

How can you make the most of this time? Make the most of it by becoming aware, by accepting what is, by allowing yourself to stay informed of the goings-on around you. Yet by remaining internal enough to do the work so that you might have something to give to the world, so that your special gift can rise to the surface, can be offered up in service when the time is right.

Learn to live in peace, to communicate from a place of curiosity. Learn to love and honor the differences among you. Learn to see these as valuable. Knowing that through your differences, you can attack problems from different angles and thereby solve it together.

Make the most of this time by tending to and nurturing yourself, by investing in the deep treasures that lie within you, instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by the many screens that rule your lives. By the very things that wish to numb your soul, to cloud its voice, to quiet its passion. Use this time to reconnect with your passions, with the activities, hobbies, whatever they may be, that bring you joy. For somewhere in the midst of that lies your purpose, lies your gift.

Take advantage of this time instead of living in fear. See it as an opportunity to grow. Allow yourself to be open to the lessons that you see happening and taking place on the political, social, economic, environmental landscapes. How do those big things correlate with what it is that’s inside you? With what it is that is taking place within your personal life? This is an opportunity, make no mistake.

COVID is not evil, it is not a villain. It is not here to ravage your world but simply to help it wake up to all of its blessings and beauty, to all that is possible when you come together, when you remember you are all one.

Thank you, Master, Teachers, Loved Ones, as we’re wrapping up our time together, is there anything else that you would like to share about COVID? Or this time in which we find ourselves living with COVID?

We want you to know that you are not alone. That at any point in time you can call out, and we will be here. That you can have help and aid at your side to help you maneuver through whatever it is that you are experiencing. You do not need to suffer in silence. You do not need to look the other way or pretend it isn’t happening. You do not need to numb yourself out.

Yet if you find yourself in the midst of these things, please, please — be kind to yourselves. For even though your soul chose to be here at this time, we know how hard this is, we know how heavy this is. We know what a great burden you have upon your shoulders yet know that you are helping to birth this planet into its next evolution. You are a part of one of the greatest undertakings that has ever been in this galaxy and beyond.

For truly, this is an uncovering. It is a lifting up. It is a metamorphosis that can’t be explained through words at this time. You are here for a purpose. You are here with all the tools that you could ever need to not only survive but to find yourself greatly exceeding all the success that you could ever imagine.

Yes, even at this time, do what it is for yourself that you must to keep this perspective in mind. Do not lose hope, lose faith. For everything is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to be.”

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