Communication is EVERYTHING. And I loved your example of the dinners because we really do have to be that specific, regardless of how maddening/time-consuming it may seem on the front end (or at least that’s how I’ve felt, haha).

My partner and I aren’t married and don’t have kids but these are values we’ve been working on from day one because I told him that I wouldn’t marry or have children with a man who doesn’t carry half the load. And like your article said, he wants an equalitarian relationship, too.

But he never saw that modeled and furthermore, it doesn’t matter how alike two people are or their gender, we all think different things when someone says, “I’ll take care of dinner”, which is why it’s crucial that we take the time to explain.

I’m still working on that from my end and he’s doing the same. Relationships aren’t easy but slowing down to communicate properly is definitely worth the time.

Finally, I’m also of the mindset that Covid has provided us multiple opportunities to enrich our lives and this is definitely one. I hope more couples take your advice.

Thanks for a great article!



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Ahna Hendrix

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