Cheating is never black and white, but unfortunately, that’s how many people choose to view it—like most things these days. Good/bad. Right/wrong. We are complex human beings and it’s never that simple, which is why we should never judge someone else for the choices they make. Only that person knows why they made them, and while we might have an opinion, that opinion doesn’t mean shit. In fact, I think it’s quite arrogant to reign a personal opinion over anyone else’s life. I’m sorry for the comments here—you’ve done nothing wrong. You lived your life. You made your choices. And then you were brave enough to share them—knowing people would point fingers. Personally, I think that when your husband so easily accepted you training for a marathon with another man, a deep part of you knew it was over, and everything after that was just part of how it fell apart. I’ve been in relationship with men I loved who were emotionally unavailable and it’s not easy. You love the man but like you said, you gotta love yourself more—enough to know you deserve to have your needs met. Thank you for being honest and sharing your story. It’s a good reminder for anyone who’s in such a relationship to take their needs seriously. ♥️🙏🏽

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