But how does your sister feel about spending her money on that? Was it worth it? Why did she do it? etc etc.

No one pulls our arm to spend our cash so if we do and we aren’t happy about it then that’s OUR problem—not the person selling it.

Why does he charge so much? Idk. A nosebleed seat at a Las Vegas concert costs more than that—do you question that, too?

I know one of the reasons people in my industry increase their prices is because they want serious folks booking appts or showing up at events—not just anyone. While at the same time providing plenty of free access through videos, podcasts, etc.

Your sister could have watched endless hours of him online for free—why did she pay to hear him speak? Did she think through that decision or purchase on a whim? Clearly she felt it was worth it on some level.

My point is that there seems to be an issue with creatives or spiritual folks having money when everyone else is entitled to it. And don’t even get me started on Hollywood—insane money.

Either way, it’s up to us to be discerning with who we listen to, follow or pay to work with in any capacity.

He’s just doing his thing—it’s our decision whether we pay or not.

Either way, why do you care? And who or what gives you the power to decide how someone else should build their business or live their life?

Finger pointing and judgment are foolishness and a waste of time. There are MANY bigger issues to focus on.

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