Break Your Heart No Longer

When finding self-worth is tough

Ahna Hendrix
2 min readJan 15, 2022

Covid arrived on Monday and it’s been a wild ride. Getting sick for the first time in 15 years. Being relegated to my bed. Having my mental clarity and physical dexterity taken. Needing to depend on others. Canceling plans, readings, coaching. Wondering if my business can handle all this time off. Worrying about the timing of it all.

I didn’t finish my 2022 planning yet.

I haven’t gotten interviews lined up for my podcast.

I’ve had to reschedule client readings — twice.

I’m having to ask my partner for everything.

Why do we beat ourselves up when all we need is love?

Why do we judge ourselves when we’ve done the best we can?

Why is it so hard to be kind to ourselves when things aren’t going as planned?

I have always struggled with self-worth when life took the reigns away.

It’s the plight of being an over-achiever. Also, H U M A N.

But Covid has shown me that I’m healing and learning to love myself more.

Yes, I judged myself for being sick, but I didn’t linger there.

Yes, I questioned my self-worth while lying in bed, but not for long.

Yes, my mind flashed all kinds of doomsday images in my head, but I offered them up to the Universe.

I’ve been kinder to myself in the midst of Covid’s wet blanket.

And that’s worthy of celebration. Because it definitely hasn’t always been like this.

I’ve been guilty of breaking my heart in countless ways. Requiring things of myself that I never would of another. Having expectations that aren’t humanly possible.

It’s time to change.

The Akashic Records shared that 2022 is a year for us to build a solid relationship with ourselves. To find self-love in difficult moments. To uncover self-worth when it seems impossible.

I hope you join me in this endeavor, dear Reader. I hope you return to the beautiful words of Bapuji when thoughts need to be re-aligned. When the heart feels empty. When life is hard.

Because if we can find just a little bit more love for ourselves in these moments…If we can break our hearts a little less…

Then nothing can prevent us from experiencing that tidal wave of love we all so deserve to feel for ourselves.

Again and again.

For all eternity.

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