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AUGUST Akashic Record Lesson: Tidal Wave

This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of August as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen. (Life is wild and wonderful. Returning to Medium soon!)

Rumbling forward, this month will be like a tidal wave that hits you. It will crash and burn. It will leave many pieces unsettled and laying about. It will bring to surface that which has always been there, but that needs to be brought up. So that you might see what it is that has always been lurking beneath the surface.

For you all or so hurried and rushed, you go about your doings, driving quickly, bypassing so much of life that you forget the very experience of living life is just that. It is the experience that makes life worth living in the first place.

But all of your speed and constant readiness is falling apart. It doesn’t feel the same way that it used to, for you have begun to awaken these small parts of you. Know that you will never satiate yourself going about doing what it is that you had done before. And this month, well, it’s going to show you just how much you can’t keep going about doing what you have done before.

This month will bring a tidal wave of energy so strong; you won’t know what it is that hit you. For it will make rise to the surface, all that you have tried so hard to look away from. It will break apart what doesn’t serve, it will separate, distance and allow you to see things very clearly for the first time in a while.

This isn’t a time for jokes and games, although, we wish that those things would become more of a central piece in your life. No, it is a time for becoming aware of what it is the universe is trying to share with you, what it is that is being siphoned through that you have been turning your cheek to, looking the other way.

This energy isn’t about forgiveness. It isn’t about the soft, gentle waves, no. It’s about taking root, taking hold of that which is meant for you, that which your soul cries out for and yet you keep from it going about your day to day.

Because here’s the truth — if you aren’t listening in these times, then it’s only going to get rougher for you. Then the fine edges will begin unraveling themselves, and soon you will have no choice.

For much is coming as we head into the end of this year. Truly, it is a birthing cycle. And while birth is beautiful on the other side, in the midst of it, it brings pain. Because it is real. Sit in this realness. Do not allow yourself to run away, to get lost in all the ways in which you like to distract yourself from your feelings, emotions. For there is so much wisdom that you have been bypassing.

Life has so many gifts for you, you cannot even imagine. The Universe simply wishes to pour riches upon you. Abundance like you have never seen before. But unless you take the time to open your eyes, to break open wide your heart, you will miss it. For the blessings of life must be chosen.

We do our part as much as it’s possible. But know that you are steering your ship, you are guiding your way, you are determining what path it is you want to walk. And therefore, and always, you are fully responsible for your experience.

Paint a beautiful picture, something majestic, artful, that is full of sunshine, space. Anything that you might dream of or paint a picture of deceit, one that is laden with fear, one that gets caught up in the rigmarole of everything happening around it.

Take heart dear friends, this is not your undoing but only your true beginning. For this month, and ushered through the Lion’s gate, you will get a sense of exactly what that life could be.



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