AUGUST Akashic Record Forecast: Tighten Down the Hatches

For things are simply going to continue amplifying

Ahna Hendrix
6 min readAug 2, 2022


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I can barely remember July — how about you, haha?

Since hearing my assistant was quitting due to a family emergency, I’ve been in survival mode. Well, survival and activation mode — creating my head off!

It’s been amazing but I dug myself a pretty deep hole in regards to personal health. It’s all good though, balance is a big life lesson for me and this time was better than last. Gotta celebrate every little milestone!

In the midst of all this, I haven’t had time to write. However, now that the Confidence Series is complete, I’m hoping to return this week. I’ve got so much to share with you!

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to upload the monthly Akashic Forecast before my podcast episode goes live tomorrow.

It’s a POWERFUL month and I highly recommend tuning in to absorb the Akashic energy and the integration portion where I discuss best practices for working with the month ahead.

Even more, check out my AUGUST Akashic Toolkit for additional support and an activation/initiation to provide calm waters for your nervous system in the midst of what we’re stepping into.

Things will be frenetic this month, to say the least, but it’s because we’re being initiated into a new paradigm. Either way, I would love to hear how this forecast resonates with you. And remember, we are built for these times! If you’re still here, you’re not only fully equipped but there’s a beautiful purpose to share with the world. I pray you find it.

This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the month of August as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“Billowing trains, yes, they breeze by. Going faster and faster until they run out of places to go, things to see.

For life has once again has gotten out of…. whack. Yes, it’s been so busy, so busy since the doors have opened. Everyone has just been running about. Running, running. Going, going.

Trying to do all the things that they did before. Yet, living in the past is long gone. It is no more. It is no more.

These are the days that you must stand, looking out your window. Paying attention to what your neighbors are doing. Taking in all that is happening around you. For the world is changing so rapidly. And in that, so are you.

Why do you look? you say. Well, because there is something to see. For it’s almost as if others seem foreign to you now. Seem wieldy and weird. Out of place.

Things just don’t seem right.

So you stand there staring. Staring hoping for some sense of normality to return to you. But we must tell you it will not.

Your ideas of normal have been changing for quite some time. Yes, they will not return to what they were before. No, they will never return to that.

For there is only the onward direction. And the onward direction is taking you further and further, deeper and deeper into yourselves. Into the pathways that have been built out around you for so long. But no one has tread upon them. They are fresh ground. Fertile, solid, walkable.

Yet people do not go there. They do not wish to stand up on someone else’s ground. For they too feel tentative even about their very own.

So much is happening. Yes, so much is happening. It’s like you’re standing at an intersection.

Cars whizzing by, lights changing, sounds blaring, radios, horns, yelling–all of the things, all of the many colours. And this now, yes, this is your everyday, getting louder and louder. Until it’s almost deafening. You are unable to hide from it the way you were before.

No, no, your favorite ways to step out are no longer at play. Nor do they work for you. Nor do they fill the holes that have been left behind. You must learn how to fill them anew–with new things, new people, new places. For you are a changed being. And all that is around you has been transfixed, transformed, come undone. As it should be. As it was meant to be.

Yet this is only the beginning.

You are still at a standstill with so much in your life. Allowing things to overtake your schedules flying here, flying there. Trying to do too many things at once.

Do you ever rest your tired and weary soul? Or do you still plague yourself about it?

Rest. Rest. Something that doesn’t come easily to most of you. And then comes far too easy to others.

But it is required and necessary at these times.

For as the traffic picks up, so too, does the noise. Growing louder and louder until it beats at a drum so intensely, it’s almost as if your ears will pop. And you will become I’m undone.

Look at what is happening upon Mother Earth at this time. She is breaking. Taking care of herself.

Ridding herself of the things that no longer serve through fire and water, and total destruction.

You do not see these things for what they are–which is, that which is also happening in your very own life.

You too, are reshaping and reforming. How things occurred before. How they went down. What you loved. Who you spent your time with.

Everything is shifting and shaking and in that, as we’ve said so many times before–find your solid ground. For things are simply going to continue amplifying.

Where will you sit?

What will you do?

Will you do the deep work that is laid out in front of you?

Will you answer the calls that are calling your name?

Will you undo your life, so that can be re-done–repackaged, reset in a most invigorating way?

Or will you simply continue trying to whistle the same tune, walk the same path, do the same things in a completely different world?

Look now as division divides even greater, even deeper. Widening sides against one another.

Yet who does this serve? Ask yourselves this, Who does this serve? For you to set up your tent, post you flag, and commit yourself to simply being on one side, believing in one thing. Carrying one flag.

Do you not realise that there are so many? So many perspectives, in so many ways to look at any one thing.

We would bid you to open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your arms to the world at large, asking yourself questions time and again. To remove the veil that has been placed upon you. For there it sits. There it wishes to protect you for its own agenda, its own doing.

Do not question your neighbours. But question the foundation that you all are walking upon. The foundation that all things have been built upon. For here in lies the sickness, the disease, the issue, the strife.

Division. It was built into the very foundation upon which you stand.

Therefore it must be rooted out, replaced, replenished with something better.

In the months ahead, we bid you to tighten down the hatches. To prepare yourselves for what is ahead. We have given instruction on how to do this so many times now in prior months leading up to this one.

But what does that mean to you? Have you listened? Or do you simply go out, get caught up and keep meandering forward wondering why you are sick and tired? Why things simply don’t work anymore. Why you can’t be satiated at the way that you used to be.

Heed our call.

Tighten down the hatches.

Be prepared.

For what is to come.”

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