As an Akashic Reader, I enjoyed your write up. It’s always cool to learn more history about the Records and your info has sent me down yet another rabbit hole to learn more, haha… I will say, accessing the Records should be a very intentional action and it’s important to always remind folks to take to protect themselves whenever accessing the spiritual world. I would never seek to access the Records through a meditation, hypnosis or some of the other avenues presented here because staying vigilant and discerning about what we’re interacting with is so important. And even tho I’ve found myself in the midst of Akashic energy during heavy prayer, I always use a specific prayer to access the Records. It sets the tone and intention, it protects me, and it ensures I’m only interacting with the highest and best for myself or my clients.

I appreciate anyone wanting to spread the message of the Akashic Records, but it’s also important to do so mindfully. The spiritual world is alive and well and while the Records are pure love, an inexperienced person can find themselves in a manipulative mess if they aren’t led or learn how to interact properly.

Excuse the hall monitor in me but I always want to caution folks to be safe, intentional and discerning at all times.

Thank you for the great article and here I go to dive deeper into some of your historical mentions. ♥️😊🙏🏽 And PS excuse my poor grammar - Medium’s new app update won’t let me edit my comments 🙈



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Ahna Hendrix

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